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True love or lies??

Chy Pettigrew

08 May, 2013 04:12 AM

I knew him in 8th grade. He was in 7th. I liked him but as soon as a I was in high school I forgot about him. Then I become a sophomore and hes a freshman. We start talking and being friends because he already had a gf. Then he starts telling me about all their problems and I knew my old feelings for him weren't gone. They started coming back up. We just remained friends and became close to being best friends. He even told his gf that he wasnt going to get rid of me because I knew everything and that we had equal problems family wise.

I wasn't with a guy for 2 years. And he was everything I wanted in a bf. He hated his relationship because his gf was turning psycho. Even her closest friends knew it. soon he broke up with her. And then one month later we got together. Everybody believed in us. We were best friends. Totally in love. I was so happy with him and he was with me. Everybody approved of us. My parents loved him and his loved me. I thought he was the one. So one night he slept over...and I gave up my virginity to him.....hmm...I was super happy. I loved him so much oh my gosh. It's crazy. I felt like the happiest couple in the world.

Everyday we'd text....all day. Even though we were still in high school he would go to work and is pick him up after. Go to the movies every weekend. Pick on each other. Laugh so hard our tummies would hurt. Then.....he started growing distant. He started becoming more obsessed with his phone. He wouldn't let me play on it like he use to....and I soon slept over and snuck off with it and found out he was texting another girl...or three actually. It broke my heart. I was so sad. I just started crying in the living room. I guess he heard me or woke up and I wasn't in his arms so he came and he just held me and told me he was sorry....I thought he was. Then after that everything started going down hill. It happened again and we broke up.

We were broken up for a while. Then he redress me asking if we could talk and I'm not the type of person to hold a grudge so I said okay. So we went to taco bell. I missed him so much I cried myself to sleep. I hated my life. But I was slowly learning what it felt like to live without him. And it wasn't that bad. We are talking now. But I deactivated my Facebook and my Twitter. I got my phone turned off because he wants me back. and he won't stop. I am confused because he's the guy who I thought was the one for me. But I'm scared of being hurt again.

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Ritalin says:
27 Aug, 2013 11:57 AM

Yeah..dats vry sad thing..nwa dnt gv em ah chnc agn ok.

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FAK says:
29 Aug, 2013 12:34 PM

oooh honey , you've gone through too much
still i think he deserves a 2nd chance ... i know that it will be hard 2 trust him again but what the hell ! right ?!

take care & be strong 3>

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Glory says:
31 Aug, 2013 01:55 AM

People like him doesnt deserve happiness if he doesnt repent his sins.Listen,its depend on you which you decide.Doesnt mean he can control you what ever he want.Your deserve freedom,love and compassion. Just keep forward even its kills you.(I know its sound weird or what ever.And no offense)

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