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True love or lies??

Chy Pettigrew

08 May, 2013 04:12 AM

I knew him in 8th grade. He was in 7th. I liked him but as soon as a I was in high school I forgot about him. Then I become a sophomore and hes a freshman. We start talking and being friends because he already had a gf. Then he starts telling me about all their problems and I knew my old feelings for him weren't gone. They started coming back up. We just remained friends and became close to being best friends. He even told his gf that he wasnt going to get rid of me because I knew everything and that we had equal problems family wise. I wasn't with a guy for 2 years. And he was everything I wanted in a bf. He hated his relationship because his gf was turning psycho. Even her closest friends knew it. soon he broke up with her. And then... [Read More]

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