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Missing Home


22 Mar, 2013 12:03 AM

I've always been closest to my grandparents. I was their favorite, you see. When I was younger, I lived with them, they cooked for me, helped me with school- everything. I hardly ever saw my parents or my siblings. My Grandmother was strict. She was the one who made sure I finished my school work and studied. I used to think of her as an annoying teacher who lives with me, watching my every movement. My Grandpa, on the other hand, was a sweetheart. He came to my every need, even slept in the same room with me because I was scared of the dark. He'd pick me up every day from school, asking me whether I was hungry, or thirsty. Every time, every time I'd reply 'No' in a very annoyed voice. I loved them with all my heart, I just didn't think much of my behavior, I never realized how much my words hurt them. Getting annoyed and throwing tantrums with my Grandpa when he forced me to go to extra tuition. 'You'll thank me later' He had said. Being grumpy because I didn't want to do my homework. Just small, tiny things that I did or said.

I never appreciated how much they cared for me. My grandma ran around me every second of the day. Once, the ice-cream van visited our part of town. However, I didn't notice it until it was ready to go. I was devastated, as I hardly ever ate any ice-cream. My grandma recognized this and she, my 67 year old grandmother, she followed the van around town, trying to catch up with it. I hadn't even known she had left, and I had already forgotten about the incident. 30 minutes later. She walked through the door, holding a cone in hand. I didn't think that much of it then,I was too busy enjoying my ice-cream. But now, just thinking of it brings me to tears. Yes, it WAS a very long time ago, but just thinking my grandma would chase after an ice-cream truck, just for me. She probably even tripped and hurt herself but didn't mention it so I wouldn't worry. All that, for a cone of ice-cream.

And now that I'm studying in another country, away from my family. I realize. After all this time, I realize my attitude towards them was wrong, wrong, wrong. It's only now, that I don't go to any more extra tuition, that my grandpa tells me that all that time I was crying, saying I Hated the tutor, he was hurting inside. He said that sometimes, he had thought, Why am I doing this? The poor girl really hates going to these classes, whats the point? But he knew those classes were good for me, and now that I think about it, they were. I'm going to see them tomorrow. I'm taking a flight back home for the Easter holidays. I yearn for my Grandma's wonderful food, to hear their voices, to just relax and watch TV like we used to. But most of all,I want to say 'Thank you'. I won't let my chance slip this time.

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JGarcia says:
01 Aug, 2013 10:21 PM

Best story I've read. Just reminds me of how my parents are with my kids.

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