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How Much I Wish To Say


28 Jul, 2010 10:21 PM

I am 14...He is 14...How it happened yu'll find started my 7th grade year.i saw him. he was best friends with Jay. he wasnt the guy some1 would date. he was cute but yuo can say he wasnt very fit..but his personality just blew my mind away. he was so funny. thats the first time i looked at the personality. even up till now i cant find anyone who was as funny and kind as he was. not even on myspace. the guys ive met.. i kept it a secret that i liked him. since he wasnt the most attractive. when i saw him my heart would pump blood so fast i had to breathe to catch up. i felt my checks get red. and my eyes sparkle. then people started to ask me who i like. and i told . i thought they would judge me but they were supportive and thought it was cute:). and i told Jay i liked him and he told him. he still acted silly around me. but i knew he didnt like me... i havnt told you his name... his name is...aaron...
so the year passed and i was in 8th grade... the first week of school.. i saw him for the first time after summer..he totally changed it was like looking at prince charming...but i knew that he wouldnt look at me. cuz he was popular now... his style was different he was a skatter now...and it looked good on him. i kept a crush on him but it was a secret again. cuz my friends knew i was crushing on him almost all 7th grade year. but when i couldnt keep the secret anymore i told i dont remember whoo i told first but then it came to the point that almost every1 at school knew.. i wasnt very friends say im pretty and i always get called that but they may just be being nice... he found out that i still liked him and it was worse he ignored me. he didnt know i existed. at this time there were football games. that every1 goes to hangout with friends and i decided to do somthing crazy.. i started txting him thats when i came to realize that he didnt know i existed. he then wanted to know how i looked like.. and he asked my friends who i was they didnt tell him they wanted him to guess. which i agreed on.. all they told him was that i was tall pretty and i was on the basketball team the year before. i dont know how but he found out who i was. it stayed how it was we wouldnt talk or even look at each day at a game i turned around and i saw him walking and i broke was like someone had shot a bullet at me that second...but it wasnt somone it was him...his presence hit me... all my friends said is that he is going to realize what you r and hes gonna want to..i could only think 'when will that happen the clock is ticking i will soon move on(i hope)' after that my friends 15 birthday was coming and she was going to have a quince (a traditional party like a sweet 16) i was part of her dances and i needed a guy that was taller than me to be with me for the party. i could only think of him..i asked and he said no cuz one of my other friends had asked him already.. i was disappointed but i knew were he was coming from. my friend John told me that i deserve better that i could choose someone way better. at the same time he was telling me what i should do to get aarons attention at that time it was Track and Field sport. and he was in it and so was i, and John told me that aaron told him that he likes me. which i didnt believe. then one night i was thinking of who else i could ask to be the guy i dance with. and i got a call from him offering to be my chambelan (chambelan is the guy the girl dances with) of course i was relieved. but i didnt know that this would change me.....
wen we would practice we would flirt so much..but i thought that was his flirt with girls since he was better looking now... but then one night we were at a party and he was across the table from me.. and we started texting and i told him that i heard he had a girlfriend and he got very serious.. we went on talking bout that topic and than he said that he didnt want to be with her.. i asked why and by the time he replied the party was over and i received the txt saying "i like yu but i dont want to break up with her cuz i dont want to hurt her feelings" all i said was "oh" i didnt know how to react.. then he txted me back saying that i didnt sound excited.. i told him i was and that i like him too.....

there is more
tell me how you like it and if you wish to know more
and this is a true story
this is what i had to go through there is more and sad for me i don't know if you will find it sad
but it was a ocean of tears for me when all this happened...

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Annnndddreaaaaa says:
03 Aug, 2010 03:33 PM

OMG i have to know the rest it was awesome it kind of sounds like my life lol <333

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Sheline says:
04 Aug, 2010 01:14 AM

comeon plz tell me the rest of the story! pls!!!! did u date him? did u?did u ???

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Ashley says:
04 Aug, 2010 03:29 PM

email me the rest hun, im very interested now. lol.

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Nancy says:
05 Aug, 2010 12:54 PM


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here we go again. says:
05 Aug, 2010 09:04 PM

i would love to know the rest :)

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kate says:
06 Aug, 2010 05:44 AM

omg u have to email me the rest i need to know what happens

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samantha says:
06 Aug, 2010 03:12 PM

i think that is a cute story! i thot the ending was gonna be different. but i guess u did put this in the sad category so im sorry?

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Dalia says:
13 Sep, 2010 03:24 PM

heyy..when are you to complete your story?!
you really ought to post the rest with "D" so we'd know
btw..i hope it will end happily i'm sick of sad endings

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rizwanah says:
05 Nov, 2012 06:31 AM

so sad...i want to know what happen next..plz email me at plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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