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I'm Sorry...


12 Sep, 2012 10:01 PM

Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl. The boy was incredibly smart, and the girl, an aspiring artist. Now, the boy was in love with the girl. He barley knew her but for some reason he loved her. The girl wasn't particularly pretty. In my opinion at least, but, even though she was quiet, she had a ready smile and bright green eyes. She was totally oblivious to the boy's feelings for her. And she had some small feelings for the boy's best friend. This was all the way back in 6th grade though... back when things were simple.

In 7th grade she found out. And never officially rejected or accepted him. Although when people would tease her and ask if she liked him the reply was never "yes" Most of the time she would avoid the question. It wasn't until the teasing began to hurt, that she said "No." Hoping the nicknames and questions would cease. They didn't. She had hoped she wouldn't have to break his heart. Little did she know how much she hurt him.

8 grade came. She sat across from him in science. That entire quarter could accurately be described as awkward. It was silent for the most part. The silence masked the hate the boy began to feel, the hate for the girl who didn't return his feelings. This hate did die away, but not until after any thread of connection between the girl and he had been severed. He asked her to dance at the 8th grade dance. She blushed and said "I can't dance."

We're in 9th grade now. And he said he's moved on. He even asked some girl he's only known for a few weeks to Homecoming. I see him every now and again. And think back on when I first met him. Back when we were those awkward nerdy 6th graders, though we're not much different now. I think back to why I didn't fall for him in 8th grade when so many around me did. Why I felt closer to him in 6th grade, when I never thought of him. Sometimes I wish nothing had happened, and that somehow we could've been friends, instead of this awkward who-knows what now. Sometimes.. I wish I hadn't resorted to saying "No."
Sometimes I wish I had loved him.
I wish I could say sorry.

Oh did I mention I'm the girl that broke his heart?

I'm so sorry David.

Tags: Sad, Love, Sorry, Apology
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courtney says:
18 Sep, 2012 05:21 PM

ohh...thats cute!!...i hope david sees this n u love him now???...m nt teasing..just curious!!!...neway....i thnk both of u shud get 2gthr someday!!!...gud luck!!

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Sarah says:
18 Sep, 2012 07:44 PM


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