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lost in memories


16 Apr, 2010 05:55 AM

There was you and i like children mildly in love, like no one could ever imagine. We were only teenagers at the time and were foolish or maybe it was i who was. i was foolish for the reason that i actually believed that we had a chance to live happily ever after. Those moments are the ones i mostly cherished and till this day still do. The way you looked at me made me melt and feel untouchable like me and you were the only ones on this world. Those are the moments i can NOT erase from my memory or the fact that we spent every moment together till the day you decided our love was no more. I live in regrets and fear because im not sure of what i did so wrong to make your love for me die, im scared that i will find no one to love me the way that you did and i live lost in the memories that we created together that i wish would of never ended.

Tags: Lost, Love, Missing
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