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06 Feb, 2012 05:11 PM

"Lily, its time for bed"My mother yelled up the stairs as I walked out from the bathroom. "Ok, I'm going to brush my hair then I am going to bed" I unwraped the towel from my head and let free my long blonde wavy hair. "Ok, night honey" I walked into my dim lighted room and closed the door and turned on my desk lamp and started with my hair as I listened to my favourite song. I placed my newly bought hair brush on the desk and went to my closet and changed into a pair of sweats and a tank top. I walked to my mirror and looked at myself and sighed. The more I try to lose the weigh the more I gain it. I ran my hands from my collar bone to my hips and let out a tear and I lifted my top to revel... [Read More]

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no matter what


27 Apr, 2012 08:26 PM

The hardest thing on being a lesbian for me is not that I wouldn't be accepted among my peers or my society. But when I'm in love with my own best friend. My religious yet spoiled friend. Whom I used to hate because she annoyed me very much, so in order to keep her away, I terrorize her into fearing me. But then she reached out to me, became my best friend, and now I love her. She knew I was gay, but she wasn't afraid of me because she believed, I wouldn't take advantage of my own friend, and so, I wouldn't love my own friend. But then I realized I was lying, I loved her very much. I realized how much I loved when we were at the last year of high school. I tried my best to keep her by my side, to spend the last time... [Read More]

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