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lost mom and brothers.


02 Jun, 2010 10:18 PM

Life sucked since day one. Beatings from my dad most of the time. The worst part was watching him stomp on my mom until her eyes were bloody and her hand was broken. Later that night he stomped on my brother into the corner. I couldnt do anything but scream and beg him to stop. but that didnt do any good. All i wanted in life was a happy family. With siblings who all got along, and a mom and dad who loved each other. But obviously that wasnt going to happen. It got so bad my mom and i had to walk each other to the bathroom every time one of us had to use it. We had locks on our doors that had to use a key. and everywhere she went, i had to go with, or my dad would try to hurt her. Life was so horrible,... [Read More]

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