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lost mom and brothers.


02 Jun, 2010 10:18 PM

Life sucked since day one. Beatings from my dad most of the time. The worst part was watching him stomp on my mom until her eyes were bloody and her hand was broken. Later that night he stomped on my brother into the corner. I couldnt do anything but scream and beg him to stop. but that didnt do any good. All i wanted in life was a happy family. With siblings who all got along, and a mom and dad who loved each other. But obviously that wasnt going to happen. It got so bad my mom and i had to walk each other to the bathroom every time one of us had to use it. We had locks on our doors that had to use a key. and everywhere she went, i had to go with, or my dad would try to hurt her. Life was so horrible, i couldnt hang out with my friends like a normal kid. i couldnt go to sleep overs. i couldnt have them come over. My two brothers moved to Pennsylvania. and my sister was in France. Once, my dad even threatened to kill my mom and brothers. Cause when they came back, they were both teenagers. And they wouldn't dare let a man hit a female. especially their mom and little sister. One night, my mom asked me "eva, what would you do if i left you with your dad ?" my reply "nothing cause im coming with you." Id been having dreams of my brother david and i trying to crawl up a hill. It was raining hard, and our suv was fliped upside down. I tried to breathe, but there was no air coming into my lungs. Two weeks later, It was April 23rd, 2005. I was 12, David was 13, and Teng was 16. It was the night of David and mine middle school spring dance. That night couldnt have gone better than planned. I got the guy i had the hugest crush on. We all had to go to North Carolina from Ohio for a family reunion. Teng hated Davids Rap music. Then they fought over a pillow. So i just gave mine to Teng, cause they were annoying me, i was trying to draw a picture of my crush and i. So i leaned my head on my moms shoulder, and she leaned her head on my head, We all fell asleep. My dad was behind the wheel. I half woke up and felt the car shaking. But i didnt think anything of it. I woke up a few minutes later in an ambulance. I was in a hospital in West Virginia for a week. And all i wanted was my mom. All my dad said was, they are in another hospital. And i wondered "why?". When i went home i wondered why my whole family was at my house. With my mom and brothers picture in the living room. and i was not aloud to leave my room. So when i tried to see what everyone was doing, my aunt made me go back to my room. Her, my great Grandma, dad, and cousin sat around me. They just looked at me and i said " They are dead arent they ?" I always had a feeling they were NOT in a different hospital. They just started crying, and i knew it. Two months after i lost my mom and brothers. my dad got remarried. I know the truth of what happened, and now, whoever reading this knows it too. Your probably wondering "why didnt you tell the cops?" Well my mom obviously wanted me to stay with my dad. And i didnt know what would have happened to me if i was to tell ? jump from foster home to foster home ? i didnt want that. Ive never told anyone the full story. and im glad i did now.

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Miley C 4 real says:
15 Jul, 2010 05:57 PM

Omg, You should tell the cops i feel so bad this is so scary and i wonder if your still there with your dad why would your mother want to leave why didn't she just divorce with him from the start i feel bad you lost your two brothers and i hope your dad will change his ways or you go to a new family who will cherish you so much you are a brave little girl i leave your mom and brothers in gods hands and bless you.......

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Nikki says:
30 Aug, 2010 10:43 PM

What Happened? :(

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kawthar says:
24 Dec, 2011 07:05 AM

wow!what a very sad really makes u cry...i hope u a better life and if i were u i would tell the cops..iwould tell everyone,trust me ure life would be alot wishes

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Maloba wycliff says:
17 Feb, 2015 11:40 AM

Sooo sad story but i hope u r movng on wth ua lyfe

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