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Painful Love.


03 Jan, 2014 07:12 AM

Some of you probably have gone through this, But so far ive been feeling alone. Well, There was this boy he was 17 at the time and i was 16. He was in my class and ive had a crush on him, id be so stupid and ask people about him. later on he adds me on Facebook, when i first saw it, the butterflies in my stomach, i felt like i could just float on cloud 9, that's how happy i was. He said "hey" and i replied with a hey back. we started talking more and more each day and say hey in person and have small talks. i was so happy to have him add me. I will admit. i wasn't the most beautiful girl he has seen. he was attractive, i was pretty big and i was just a mess, an insecure mess so i never... [Read More]

Tags: Heartbroken, Crying, Pain, Lies, Hurt, Ugly, Letgo
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