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In the rain


16 May, 2014 12:06 AM

She has been more than a best friend to me for an eternity. But yet, I still do not know how to articulate and express my true feelings. Her name? Natalie. It is a fitting name for her; innocent and beautiful. We were both 15 years old. Although I was head over heels for you, I could not tell you because of him. You have had a thing with him for a couple months now, and every time you tell me a story about him, I wear a fake smile to avert the fact that I'm madly in love with you. There were many nights I would just say, "ok?" and I would always hope for the response of "ok." . Though this was one word consisting of two letters, the meaning was worth a million. Night by night would go by, not one without us ending up texting or... [Read More]

Tags: Love, Hurt, Hard, Impossible, Sorry, Forgotten, Forbidden
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We will stop at nothing to be together


22 Dec, 2011 07:49 AM

(This story is about a german girl and a Jewish boy who fall in love during world war two. This story changes perspectives between characters) Anja My head was spinning. I?d been beaten, and smashed into the concrete sidewalk in the streets of Berlin by my own kind. My name is Anja Otsvetch and if you are interested in my story, we should go back about a week ago, so you?re not so confused. It was the year 1945 and I was living Germany because my father, JunGenn, is in the German army and he got positioned in Berlin to patrol the Jewish activity. On December 14, 1945, I was minding my own business, being a regular 15 year old German girl, just on my merry way to school, when the German soldiers surrounded me also rounding up a large group of others. Lights were flashing and sirens were blaring,... [Read More]

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