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For them. For the one they ever were.


07 Dec, 2016 04:37 PM

My true story: I loved them. I was their good captain and their funny friend, and their sweet sister. We were really one team. We played together for 2 years. At the end of the year we all had to fill in a paper, about your next year. Everyone filled in : we want to stay together. But one day before the summer holiday, one girl got a call. If she wanted to go one team higher. She said no, cause she wanted to stay together, and because she didn't know the people in that team. But that team needed one extra player. So one of us needed to go to that team, Nobody wanted to go, so the caller would choose a random name. But that girl really didn't want. So me as a captain said: I'll go. That was a hard desicion, but I made it, for my... [Read More]

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Wanna hurt me?


07 May, 2016 09:22 PM

It was about four years ago, I had been very interested in some boy. The years were really rough, since I had just moved schools, and I had lost a couple of my friends. The boy was not someone I was expected to like, since my parents had always said I couldn't love anyone with "obesity". This boy was my miracle, and I had fallen completely for him. I don't know why. He was not like any boy, I had sat next to him in class for this year. I thought my life was great, because even though my family practically hated me, I didn't let that get to me. I think I had fallen for him, more and more, I blushed when I talked to him, though I would hope he wouldn't see me. However at the same time I had good friends. Books always told me, if you... [Read More]

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Imagine this


27 May, 2013 04:16 AM

Okay, imagine this. Being the most "popular" girl in the 6th grade. (As so I thought.) having all the guys like you. Always the center of the attention. You may think I am all for myself, but I am not. I am being serious. I was considered, the "popular girl" not one of those snobby types you see in the movies, like Mean girls, or your occasional drama movie. I was caring. I loved my friends, family, god, everything. I wouldn't ever let anyone or anything change me, and who I was as a person. Imagine having all that, and thinking you're on top of the world, when a new girl moves in. At that time, all the guys started liking her. Yeah it's 6th grade, big whoop. But when you are in 6th grade, and having a guy like you, was like the best thing ever. Back to the... [Read More]

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