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False Creature

miguel diaz

11 Dec, 2013 01:41 AM

I was running for dear life. I was afraid this creature was going to doing something I won’t enjoy. As he keep chasing me his face structure was getting more red. I felt like he was going pop. I’m running through these woods. The woods look like a dream I had once. Foggy, wet , scary, and dark. I felt like a crazy person. Am I crazy? Is this big human looking dog just a vision. As I running I began to slow down. I think I lost this creature. I then see my grandma’s house ahead of an odd looking trail. The trail has the weirdest looking footprint I’ve ever seen. This footprint consist of two toes and half a foot palm. I follow the trail to my grandma’s house. I get to the door. The door had a broken doorknob and some kind of liquid on it. I... [Read More]

Tags: Abuse, Crazy, Angry, Insane
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Should I let go


12 Sep, 2010 12:39 AM

I am a Flip who stayed in U.S. for 2 years. I went back to Philippines for some reasons. Well, here's my story... I've known this guy for half year and he's a family friend. He's name Brian. He's half flip - caucasian/white. He's 2 years older than me. I'm 16 Hmm.. From the start, I know that he really don't like me, but I'm just pretending that I don't know about it cause I do really like him so much. I tried my best just to get his attention, but didn't work out. He's such a bragger. (that's the only thing that I didn't like about him) Cause to me he's the perfect guy ever. even My family do likes him. sucks for me though at that time, cause I have my former boyfriend. (but we broke up though for some reasons, so forget about him) I was so... [Read More]

Tags: Cheating, Crazy, Love
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