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The One True Person


28 Feb, 2013 07:28 PM

We can all say we have had one true person in our life. The one that listens,cares, and loves us. Mine was my grandpa, He was always there for me. When I was younger and I felt like no one cared, he always did. He never told me his heart was failing and he was in pain most of the time. Never told me, never showed it, never complained. He was always happy and tried his best to get me everything I wanted and to make me happy. I could tell him anything and everything he never judged me. I always thought he would be there and I never thought he would pass away. The day my parents told me he died I felt like my heart shattered. I burst into tears and couldn't stop crying I put my head in my knees and cried on my parents floor I... [Read More]

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Fall From Grace

Keiichi Maebara

24 Sep, 2012 06:42 AM

Early in 2011, I felt as if my life was in a rut. I woke up, showered, went to school, came home, homework, and went to sleep. I never did anything different. Until Samantha came into my life. She was everything I wanted in a girl. She was absolutely perfect. Whenever I saw her, my entire day lit up as she ran into my arms. She was my true first love, first kiss, my everything. It was amazing being with her. I cared for her with everything I had. I was in love with her. But then, when school was ending, and summer was young, I couldn't go to school and see her. She told me, she was getting lonely. I sent her a message. A very, very, sappy lovey-dovey message that I never really wanted to send. I was just caring about her so she wouldn't feel bad anymore.... [Read More]

Tags: Depressed, Lonely, Suicidal, Lost, Upset, Pain, Agony, Regret, Care, Unloved, Forgotten
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