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26 Feb, 2015 04:45 AM

"Nick?" my best friend, Nathan, whispered as he laid in the bed next to me. I didn't reply, but I believe he knew I was listening. "I don't want to die yet." It was the simplest statement I had ever heard him make. Nathan was always one to put things into complex terms and use as many words as possible to make his meaning as clear as glass. But this time, he didn't need any embellishments. "Neither do I," I wanted to say, but instead I just remained quiet. My fantasy was that we were both going to recover. The reality was that one of us wouldn't. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In second grade, my best friend was Ian Desmond. I had just moved to North Lake during the summer before the school year had started. On the first day of school, Ian stood out to me from the rest of the crowd... [Read More]

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