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Business Affairs


06 Sep, 2014 07:36 AM

It is one of the most difficult and complicated and wonderful mistakes of my life: having an affair with your "boss" at work. A married man of whom I work with and is in a position of authority. Why would I even make an effort with someone like that? A beautiful wife and two adorable children. Not to mention his wife is the niece of the owner of the establishment! Como Loca! But of course when I begin working anywhere I find that one person to become my victim of "entertainment" at work. I saw him a few days into working at my new job and immediately knew I wanted to talk to him. At the time I was unaware of his personal life when I asked for his number just in case I ever needed anything work related. But I later found out by my own mother that he... [Read More]

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To never really let go


02 Jul, 2011 06:30 AM

We have known each other for the majority of our lives. We grew together, we learned together, we celebrated milestones together. I was the girl with the brown eyes, you were the boy with the big brown eyes, the eyes that looked upon me as if I was a goddess sent from above. Even as young children it was plain to see, you were besotted with me and even at that young age, I knew you loved me. For so many years we continued on our paths separately, but there was always those moments. Moments when we were both single we would see each other, each time we met again, it was like we never were apart. For nearly a decade we continued this dance, it was hard to avoid each other or know what the other was doing, our families always talked. I always knew that if I called... [Read More]

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