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My Life.


02 May, 2013 10:15 PM

It's 5'O clock. 5.2.13. I'm 16 years old sitting here thinking about my life.I have a bad self esteem issue. You and other might not think it's such a huge deal. But it is. To me it's a big deal. Yeah some adults might say it's a phase you go through but this started when I was little and has been going on and on forever. I found a solution. Might not be the best but it helps. Without my smoking I'm scared to see what would happen I feel like it keeps me sane. So I have less then a month of school left and I feel like its going by so slow. I'm failing all my math class yet I don't care. I know that's bad so why do I do it? About two months ago I moved out of my dad's. Why? Well he seems to love... [Read More]

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