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Love Lies

Senpai Derpyous

05 Jun, 2015 05:18 PM

"I'll like to tell you a story… about a boy and a girl:" "The girl, she had a crush and she didn't leave so easily. To her, he was the only one who owned her heart. But to him… she was just another girl. One day, the girl asked his feelings towards her. He said said he did like her, but she didn't know whether it was love or friendship. She continued to adore him, she would sing a song that described everything or wrote one. She would be happy to say something to him, but she felt like a pest to him. Sometimes, she wished he'll ask a question to her before she would. Her nickname was something she hated being, but coming from him, she felt special. Later, her broken heart was getting ripped more and more. He ripped and stole pieces without realizing it. She wanted to... [Read More]

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What am I feeling?


30 Jan, 2015 12:47 AM

Sometimes I think I try to hurt myself. I put myself in positions that always end up with me getting hurt. I don't know when I will learn and take a step back and ask what am I doing with my life? If you didn't read my other story, you should. It will help in understanding what I am going through right now. Well I am in my junior year of high school. At the beginning of the year I was doing really well. I got all A's on my first report card, and currently have all A's. Well a few weeks ago I started talking to this sophomore guy at my school. I honestly didn't think anything would happen. It was just meaningless flirting and him just being a horny teenage guy. Well I never expected it to go further than talking, but he wanted me to come over... [Read More]

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