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Friendship breathed it's last!!


16 Sep, 2014 11:18 AM

It all began in spring, when I was shifting gears to taste a bit of happiness in life. Though I'm a happy person from the core, yet sometimes feel vacuum from within. The hustle and bustle of city life has caused a stir in my daily routine until when I met a cute lad, my cousin's friend via facebook. We started chatting almost every day but not every hour. Within no time, he expressed his feelings for me after three months. I was very apprehensive in accepting his proposal because we became such good friends and to say no, will crash his ego and to say yes will indicate my likeness for him, which seemed a far cry from reality. Ofcourse, he seemed like a nice chap with positive traits despite his "playboy" appearance. Either way, I thought I'm going to lose him. The most herculean task was to overlook... [Read More]

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