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Friendship breathed it's last!!


16 Sep, 2014 11:18 AM

It all began in spring, when I was shifting gears to taste a bit of happiness in life. Though I'm a happy person from the core, yet sometimes feel vacuum from within. The hustle and bustle of city life has caused a stir in my daily routine until when I met a cute lad, my cousin's friend via facebook.

We started chatting almost every day but not every hour. Within no time, he expressed his feelings for me after three months. I was very apprehensive in accepting his proposal because we became such good friends and to say no, will crash his ego and to say yes will indicate my likeness for him, which seemed a far cry from reality. Ofcourse, he seemed like a nice chap with positive traits despite his "playboy" appearance. Either way, I thought I'm going to lose him. The most herculean task was to overlook his feelings after reading two page love letter. Digesting my thoughts, I questioned myself, whether I like him or not. It came as a Big "No".

The next day burst out into a mixed reaction from his side. He said, "It's Ok. Maybe you are unaware of your feelings." To which, I replied, "I'm fully aware of my feelings and will remain as your friend." The initial bonding didn't remain intact after the bitter episode. Once, he rang me up all of a sudden and invited me to come for his friend's birthday party. So, I went along with my friend. We exchanged pleasantries and danced for sometime. I sipped a few drinks and took a cat nap, I suppose. Later on, when I got up from the bed, didn't see any sign of him and my friend. I turned a blind eye and advanced towards the kitchen. Lo and Behold! I saw them chatting outside the stairs with few inches apart.My first instinct was "My friend is consoling him and attempting to make him feel better about our friendship over no relationship status". I gulped down a bottle of water and as soon as I turned, he rushed in without even looking at me. I felt something suspicious, about their secret conversation. But since I've no ill feelings for him, I got lost in the midst of the friendly atmosphere. There, a nice looking bloke approached me and grinned. We chatted for sometime but no sparkle or butterflies in my stomach. I thought to myself, "Don't know what's happening with me. Am I being too choosy or not meeting the right guy."

My friend sojourned somewhere far away from the city. Suddenly, I heard that he has got a new girlfriend and invited all of my friends to the party. I knew that girl was not right for him because I always see her flirting around with all the boys in the party But who the hell am I to's his life. After few months, his text came as a bolt from the blue. We started messaging each other and even met for few times. But nothing happened. His confided his feelings for me again and said that he has broken up with his girlfriend. But the thing is that I have been seeing his latest photos with his girlfriend and still he has the guts to say this. I didn't reciprocate........I knew that this is simply wrong. In a series of conversations, he revealed to me about that night.....when my friend was chatting with him. She told him that "I just don't like his type, his ethnicity" which was completely preposterous to say. It was wrongly misconstrued by him. Poor him!! He would have believed it as she was my friend. I confronted my friend during our gathering party and she just smiled hesitantly. God knows what was brewing in her head. Whatever it is, I appreciate his feelings to a certain extent. God bless him but nothing is ever going to bloom except "friendship", if it remains so.

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lina jean says:
01 Oct, 2014 02:34 AM

~lina, the never ending friendship...

I hd a best friend austen, i knew him since i left the hospital. We were niebors, then best friends. "what will you do when you grow up?" he asked when we were three, "i, would mary you..." I said. After the year went on and we were 12 I had a crush on him. But he had a girlfriend and dident like me. When i went to tell him he left me, no goodbye no anything. Before that we used to play black ops and play with toy cars and litle things. "I'm allways here for you," he told me, i knew it was true. He stood in front of me when i had rocks thrown at me, and made sure my seatbelt was on during riding in his gocart. me and him had a secret path. i couldent ever imagine life without him, till one day when police came the said, "we need you daughter, lina to go into foster care." i wass devestated. I dident see him for 2years i cried and cried and all i dd was listen to auburn best friend, that song helped me alot. Till one day, my dad said, "i know its a bad place, but ill take you there once." he said. wass overwhelmed with joy. As we arived At his house i knoked. "lina?" he said."i love you"i said, he huged me. "me to,"

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beneath_theocean says:
09 Oct, 2014 04:27 AM

lina jean: Bravo!! a happy ending in your story.

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Tanweer says:
23 Oct, 2014 08:32 AM

I Like your friendship story i am sab..

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beneath_theocean says:
30 Oct, 2014 09:32 AM

Tanweer: Thank you!!

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