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his dream


01 Apr, 2010 05:32 PM

ok so this guy is incredibly amazing. my absolute true love. i love him with all my heart. one day i heard from my friends that a rumor was spreading around that he had a dream about another girl. my heart broke into a million pieces. i was ready to burst into a million tears. how could he do this to me. he said he loved me i guess that was another lie he told me.for the rest of the day i was in a complete depression. i didnt talk, i didnt eat or drink all i did was stare at the walls. after 10th period he usually hugged me, but that day, when he came in for a hug i pushed him away.said nothing. didnt even look at him, and walked away. i thought that was the end for both of us. i guess that was it i couldnt control the tears that came rolling down my cheek.everyone told me that it was just a dream. but dreams tell the truth. i guess this one told him that he loved that other girl and not me!!!! but just wen i thought my life couldn't get any worse, after school i went up to him and said we had to talk. i couldnt just let my only love slip away from me now could i. so he sat down and the first thing i said was did u have that dream he said no it was just a trick my friends pulled on me i said really. he said of course baby i only have eyes in u. my heart sank as he said those words. now we r as happy as ever. i still love him with minute that passes by.for all u kids out there please dont believe rumors if u want to know if there is something goin on with ur lover then go up and talk to them. it better than wat i did. i love you, A.H forever and always!!!!!!!!

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lexi says:
05 Apr, 2010 06:15 PM

wow your sounds just like the other story what did you do copy ?

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kayla dube says:
09 Apr, 2010 12:48 PM

wow he probally lied to you!!!! your crazy, it was just a dream and you flipped out!

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Trinaa Anna says:
11 Apr, 2010 05:48 AM

thats the one of the happy stories on this :)

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