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my Liar bf


18 May, 2011 06:01 AM

So here is my story, I used to go to chart room and I met this guy online at that time I was in love with someone else and I was dating him, I left him after a few months and started talking to this guy online from United States and I was in England he made me feel so special that I started loving him, I was so crazy about him I was in so much love with him that I would do anything for him he asked, and I would believe anything he said, one day I logged in to his face book and saw a message from some old woman about him proposing her and calling her dad to arrange everything I was shocked when I asked him he made this funny excuse that it might be his friend n he?s got his password so I said okay.. then one day me and him went to the chart room together just for fun and his ex gf was there he was trying to talk to her he asked me to tell her to talk to him which I did and he was so excited that she was there, I started doubting him that he might be talking to her behind my back and I started asking people about her ids so I can talk to her n find out more..she added me and I started talking to her and pretended to be his gf from Australia, she told me a lot about him as she was with him for 2 yrs I found out about him using young girls, I asked her whether he asked her for naked pictures she said yes he did as he asked me for naked pictures too and he loves it and he also love talking about sex I confronted him. Him his ex and I were in a join conversation she showed me his chat which was in May which was a cheat because I was with him at that time and he never told me he was talking to her and with me at the same time, I told him I don?t need you anymore goodbye forever, he texted me and said ?you are a very nice girl and I really wish you all the best and I hope I never had my pas you had yours I never asked you about anything t? etc. He called me and I started talking to him again on the same day.
I was all destroyed and he took all my happiness I was all depressed I would cry every day and night I saw him cheating on me again and again I fell on my knees I begged God to give me strength I started taking sleeping pills, after 7 months he decided to come and visit me I was so excited and happy. When he reached here he was in a different city at his sister?s house for 3 days he didn?t talk to me for the whole time I was crying and started to hate my life more because I thought he was here for me how come he doesn?t call me and I didn?t have his number.
I was calling him and on third day he answered my call and said he was busy in his sister?s house we talked for a few seconds and then his phone was off. He called me in the morning and said he will come tomorrow to see me I said okay. I got ready and went to see him in a hotel, I was nervous I said hi to him and we went in to the lift to go to where his room was, in the lift he hugged me (I didn?t wanted to) and held me really tight and then slowly went down and started touching my butt! Then we went to the room and made out, while I was with him some girl used to call on his cell phone he said that it was his widow cousin and has children and it doesn?t matter because she is like a sister to him I believed him, on the third as he was leaving me tomorrow (I didn?t know he was not going to come again) we went to a restaurant to eat I had his and I like reading text messages on the phone so I was checking his messages and I saw a message from the same girl saying ?I love you too? I looked at him and he asked me to give him the phone I said no let me read it he said no give it to me right now I said okay he deleted all messages and gave it back I said why did you deleted all messages he said no I haven?t it?s still there I just wanted to delete some dirty pictures I took for you, I said why do you have to delete it if it was for me? He was like I am shy.
We went back to the room and he said he will come back to see me again as he has to get me some jewellery and he will be back in 3 days I begged him I stood on my knees to not leave please! Please! Please! But he never listened to me he left and went to where his sister and ?cousin? was he left from here making the excuse of going to see his ill mother in Pakistan he went to Dubai and started working there as normal after that he cheated on me several times and I forgave him. He was planning to visit me again but then he changed his mind and went to United States and I felt like he is already living with someone and has a son he was so changed when he went there and was so busy he would hardly phone me, he told me he will write my name on his car?s number plate I was over the moon I thought he was true and I was wrong all this time I doubted on him he showed me the last 4 letters of my name but couldn?t see the first letter and I believed it was my name.
One day I thought I should make an id on the name of his Ex and try to find out if he really is a cheater. I made an id exactly like his gfs and I actually entered his ex gfs id which I think was a Gift from God to show me his reality, I started to pretend to be his ex GIRLFRIEND and he started saying ?oh I wanna be with you why did you leave me I waited for u so long come back to me? I said ?oh are you still single? he said ?yes and I only love you? I asked ?so are you not in love with ***** ? (I mentioned my name) he said ?no I don?t know her she is just a friend and she is not mine she is with someone else? *lies he started photo sharing and showed me a picture of a car with someone name on it on the number plate it was a different name but only the last letters were same as my name and the first letter was different I was shocked! I was all broken into pieces and my world was destroyed I can?t trust anyone now
He still doesn?t know it is me using his gfs id LOL dumbass I am keeping an eye on him he still goes to chat rooms and beg girls like he used to beg me and show off to girls that he is so rich and handsome LOL I didn?t talk to him ? days he was like changed and he was being sweet and kind but he isn?t changed because last night he said he was tired and is going to sleep I knew deep inside he was lying and I went to check on him he was chatting, I gave up and I admitted that he is not mine I don?t care him anymore he can go to anyone he wants

I always wished that he will changed but it?s the way he is and he will never change its his nature flirting,, lying , destroying young girls lives and using them I hope one day God will punish him for what he did to me he will never find someone like me and he will cry for me one day but I won?t be there for him I am moving on and I am not bothered about him or any men.
Think twice before loving someone and don?t trust easily!

Thanks for reading my story!

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bijay says:
21 May, 2011 10:40 AM

wow............wht a love story really appreciate it,,,,,,dont fall in love again and never trust anybody easily

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Shyanne says:
02 Jun, 2011 06:05 PM

i had a guy that did something close to this but we lived in the same small town.. he thought he could get away with tlkin to me nd my bestie.. i had his facebook info and saw them sayin they loved eath other when thts waht he told me.. he tried to lie and it and i said im not a dumbass and i dont want a basterd like u... and i havent tlkd to him since but hes still taken younger girls hearts too...

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