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Once loved not now


04 Mar, 2010 08:35 PM

It was a rainy day in September me and my girl friend went to a movie, we sat all through the movie holding hands. We felt the same way about each other, 3 years passed now in my senior year in high school. I thought me and my girl friend were going to live our life together forever..... one day I received a text message saying " my love for you has failed my apologies, but we have to go our separate ways. live your life without me and be happy......" that nearly killed me.

Years passed after sharing a long life as a friend with my ex- she died. my friend was now gone the only girl I ever love and the first and still the last. a journal was read at her funeral it was from high school saying " i loved him and still do i broke up with him even though in my heart it wasn't true it killed me to say good bye but i didn't want him to suffer when i would die. you may not no but i have cancer, i didn't want the only love of my life to feal bad when i died so people would have cried and from heaven i would see him left alone in this world with no one to comfort him....... to my love forever and always ~kate~ i wrote this stories from reading it out of kates ex boyfriends journal after he died to he left it for me and said to write it for people to read and that its ok that he will see kate in heaven and i will not show the name of my great grandfather.

Tags: Love, Death, Lost
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