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Your breathe


01 Oct, 2010 10:13 PM

he held my waist tight for one last time, then as quick as he had appeared he vanished, stolen from me. right from within my hands. i was left in darkness, for days i didn't eat, i had no sleep & when i finally shut my eyes all i could see was his face, that smile haunted me for days, weeks even. my parents thought i was going crazy. i heard them talking one night, which was a surprise because i haven't heard them have 1 civilized conversation 4 13 years. i was scared. terrified. i was alone for days on end. when was this gonna end. when was this hole going to go away ? i thought about death, how it would ease the pain, but then it hit me, he didn't want me to end up like this! he promised he would come back to me one day, i loved him and so i believed what he said. but until then i needed someone to fill the hole. i called the only person i knew i could lean on, but after the 30 calls i had rejected from him i wasn't sure weather he would pick up. but of course once a best friend always a best friend. he answered and i agreed to go over to his house and spend some time with him, apparently i had been locked away in my room for a month. i stayed with him for 2 weeks drinking and smoking weed and cigarettes until i couldn't feel the pain anymore. i completely forgot about my love for luke as i fell for james, he was the one, he would never leave me i knew that now, he had seen me at my worst and yet he didn't care, he just cleaned me up & was by my side like my own personal body guard, he told me he loved me every night before we went to sleep and as soon as i woke up, he stayed awake just to watch me sleep. he was the one. my best friend for 16 years and i finally realized i loved him.

R.I.P Luke - my first love

its true love can be blind it can be there in front of your face and you cant even notice it

Tags: Scared, Hate, Love, Drugs
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