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Too Long


30 Apr, 2018 11:14 AM

It's been seven years............

We were in the same english class.She was the introverted geek while i was the prankster hot dude.....
I always thought that she was ugly and used to make fun of her along with my friends.I had a hot girlfriend and a peaceful life...a caring mother and a carefree father, so i didnt really think of my know just going with the flow.

One day my friends came up with a prank for me ......
To make that girl fall in love with me....nice isn't it.........
So i agreed.

The next day before our english class as she was walking down the hallway my girlfriend and her friends were teasing her and pushed her down....i went and picked up her books and handed it to her and said hey...she smiled...idiot i thought...i started having conversations with her and became friends with her....she was extremely shy at first when i invited over to my table to have lunch with us but on persuasion she agreed...everyone of my friends were smirking and giggling . The following week i asked her out and she asked me about my girlfriend and i just lied that we broke up..she didn't agree at first but then the following weeks, me being me, i think....she fell in love with me ....
First date .I asked her to take me to a place of her choosing since i dont think that she likes clubs so she took me to the library.She made me see her was pleasant..she told me that she liked japanese litreature and that she was planning to study there...she took me to this hill top and i could see the entire town was beautiful..she took me to this empty path downway from the hill full of trees blossoming and the path was full of leaves..we walked and it started raining...she told me about rain.

"Its raining, beautiful isn't it..i feel happy"
"It washes away our pain.."
" What?"
"What what..don't you feel it?...come "
She dragged me and made me stand in the rain and we just stood there......

I was happy.

Few weeks later she stopped coming to school...I wondered why...i then got to know that my girlfriend told her all about the prank and made a complete mockerey of her in front of everyone..i didn't come that day...I thought she'll come back but she didn't..i broke ties with my friends and my grilfriends and started thinking about my future...i realised i liked painting...

It's been seven years since i saw her..i wondered everyday about her..I joined painting school...i went to the hill top and drew many paintings that kept our memories alive...

I went to the library to borrow a book.
I saw her.

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David says:
21 Jun, 2018 06:28 AM

Í think good opportunities don't come so easyly that the reason we should take them harder to be happy. This nite i am loosing a beautiful person
And I don't know what to do. Maybe we need a brave heart.

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JustARandomPerson says:
16 Jul, 2018 05:42 AM

What did you do?

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youmna says:
23 Jul, 2018 09:01 PM

what's happend after you sow her again??
did you said her that what my friend told you was a little bit fact, but you really like her, did she listen to you or without listening she went???

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