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will you ever see me differently

jessica welch

08 Apr, 2018 11:59 PM

this is the story of rob and jess.
june of 2016 is where the story all started. a few messages were exchanged between rob and i, we had only been talking a couple of weeks but it was the happiest i had been in a really long time before i had met rob i was so suicidal , cried myself to sleep every-night he was the only person i had confided in and the more we spoke the less i would cry. he was the most unbelievable person i ever met he was tall dark hair and so handsome but he was a lot older then i was he had just turned 18 and i was only 15 it sounds wrong when i put it like that i know but there was something so special about him. i couldn't get him out of my head. it was so weird one day i was out with a couple of mates and he was out on his motorbike with his mate. i was standing outside the local super market when all of a sudden a couple of motor bikes came up behind me , obviously i move out the of them and keep my head down but a muffled voice came from underneath a helmet i couldn't believe it, it was rob. i don't think I've ever smiled so much in my life our eyes lock, oh my god his beautiful brown eyes. this was the first time i had met him in person, the butterflies i had were unreal but i felt so comfortable around him like i had known him my whole life.

a few weeks had past and we were still talking. one night i got a face-time call from him telling me to look out of my window and there him and his mates were sitting in a car. he asked me to come down and i did , i met a few of hid mates and there we all were playing tennis in the middle of my road it sounds stupid but it was so much fun.
but then everything changed. i got a message out of the blue from him saying he cant do this anymore the age gap was just too much for him which i can completely understand and that was that we completely cut each other out.

nearly a year went on and he had odd conversation here and there but nothing special. i was still thinking about him most days but there was nothing i could do about it.
it got to about October of 2016 and i started to see him around in public a lot more and we started to message a bit more but once again it didn't go anywhere.

the past 6 months i would say we have become very close again, we see each other pretty much every week and the more time i spend with him the more my feelings for him get stronger and stronger. but the thing is he has seen so many girls and when he talks about his love life i cant help but get upset and jealous but i know i have no right too. but i can see he gets the same way when i mention someone else.

i see him so much more then a mate i want to be able to call him mine but i know i cant. i think its safe to say i have fallen in love with rob after all these years but i cant risk losing our friendship. he means too much to me but to rob im still that 15 year old he met all them years ago

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Rodhan says:
08 Jun, 2018 07:18 AM

Hey Jessica i read your story and i am sorry for you... btw i saw your pic.. you are so gorgeous ... if that boy cant see you differently surely i can... maybe we can talk....

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