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Complicated Young Love Story

Mahima Rahman

11 Jun, 2017 12:10 AM

Once there was a girl and a boy named Olivia and Andrew. They were both from different countries but lives in the same country. Olivia became best friends with the Andrew's sister. She didn't even know that her friend Madison had a brother. Olivia was in grade 5, Madison was in grade 6 and Andrew was in grade 4 when Olivia moved to same school as Madison and her brother. Olivia and Madison were in the senior grades and Andrew was in junior that's why Olivia didn't really know him, neither did Madison ever mention she had a younger brother. Olivia knew Madison had an older brother and older sister. Madison had 2 best friends that she introduced Olivia with. Their names were Ashley and Gloria. As the times all 4 of them became best friends.

it was December, which means Christmas was coming up. Before Christmas the school had an Christmas lunch where all the students were invited. So Olivia and her 3 best friends went to the lunch together. They sat on a table waiting for the other classes to come. After a while all the other students started coming for lunch a group of kids from grade 4 came up to their table and asked if they can sit with them. Madison says " yo sup!?" It seemed like she knew the one boy who was part of that crew. After we all start lining up for Christmas lunch and I asked Madison, Ashley and Gloria who those kids are. They explained that the boy's name was Andrew and he was Madison's brother and the quite and shy girl who was also part of the group is Ashley`s sister Cynthia. Things made more sense to Olivia after hearing that. They all came back to their own seats and started eating. That group of kids were pretty loud, especially that one girl who was also talking gross. After that day Olivia didn't see those kids that much also took her a while to speak English because they were in Canada.

It was starting of grade 6 already, all 4 of the girls were still really good friends even tho none of them were in the same class. Andrew started grade 5, so he was in the senior grades now. The year was going good, Olivia and Andrew sorta became friends. But Olivia used to get annoyed by Andrew all the time. Andrew would tease her for no reason, the`d fight for no reason. So it was already June, meaning the last month of this school year as well. It was a track-n-field day. Olivia was a really girly girl. She got so annoyed by Andrew that day that she told her teacher on him. The teacher smiled and said "Do know how many times you`ve told on him? You`ve been doing it all year, all of this proves that Andrew like you that`s the only reason why he always teases you."

Grade 7 also started for Olivia and Gloria but for Ashley and Madison it was grade 8, that means it was their last year in elementary. They all decided to just have as much fun as they could in their last year together. Olivia, Ashley, Gloria, Madison and Cynthia would always hangout, during and after school. Madison wasn`t allowed to go anywhere without Andrew so they had to bring him with them as well. Olivia didn`t like that at the starting but she got used to him. He was sure a funny and caring guy. Olivia and Andrew became best friends over that whole year. It was the second last day of school, so it was graduation day for Ashley and Madison! As all the girls were talking during recess break one of Andrew`s friends comes and calls Olivia to a corner and asks her that if she wants to date Andrew. It was a hard decision for her she kinda liked him but also she didn`t wanna loose her best guy friend. She told him she`ll think about it over the summer. Andrew seemed to be okay with her decision. Ashley and Madison was going to high school, Gloria was moving schools, Olivia was going to be kind of lonely the next school year.

The summer break was over and it was time for new school year of Grade 8! Olivia thought about Andrew all summer and decided that she is going to say "`YES" to Andrew. She also had feelings for him. The first day of school she was all exited, but Andrew didn`t even say HI or look at her once. She thought he needs some time so didn`t bother talking to him yet. On the 2nd day of school he started hanging out with a new girl at school named Jenna. Olivia was really really sad, because there was rumors around the school that Andrew and Jenna both like each other. Olivia cried herself to sleep every night.She tried talking to Andrew but he would ignore her. After couple of days Andrew and Jenna actually started dating. But things weren't going that good between them. Jenna would spend more time with other boys. Andrew got really mad because she was being a hoe. Andre broke up with her after 2 weeks. He started talking to Olivia again. They became really good friends just like before. Olivia started getting feelings for him again after all Andrew was her first crush. She got brave enough that she told Andrew that she likes him. But Andrew lost all the feelings for Olivia. They both decided to stay as best friends. After couple weeks Andrew started liking a different girl named Kylie, she was dating someone else but Andrew still liked her. Olivia tried moving on and tried liking a different boy who's name was Adam. They both slow danced on Valentines day. everything was good until a new girl Tamika, who started liking Ada as well. Olivia stop hanging around with Adam because he also liked Tamika. They both started liking each other and ended up dating.

After couple of months Andrew looked kind of upset, he didn't wanna tell anyone why he's upset. One Saturday Andrew, Olivia and Olivia's best friend Zane. After hanging out for a while Andrew confessed that he likes Olivia and wants to maker her his girlfriend. Olivia didn't totally forget him that's why she said "YES" to him.

Truly Olivia and Andrew went through a lot in their life but they are still together.

Based on a True Story

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Joanna foster says:
18 Aug, 2017 05:40 PM

That is so cut I didn't cry though it was Very cut I loved it I also have young love I am14 and I am dating so I can really realat to that your friend Joanna

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