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Leo Hariyuda

04 Mar, 2017 07:21 PM

back then to 2014 ,i met a girl,can called a unique girl,she are a loving yet doesnt care anything type of girl,one day she care and one day she just dont,but by time passed by i still love her as much as the day she said yes on my ask to be a couple, we had everything together,laugh tears ,cuddling on holiday, dinner after it and back home to get a great sleep,she never stay over night but she always share her calm sleep face with me, she always make me laugh,she had a great smile..even thou she never care that much to me,but love her with all my life

Its been 3 yers ,but im wondering ,she never introduce me to her family, i keep it calm until she started to act weird, she startt to not cantact me,no phone and no text, when i text first its take hour to get a short 1 letter reply..

So i start the cobversation by asking "why" than that thunder explode in my ear,she said that since last year she allready think that she doesnt sure about her feeling,she doesnt sure if she love me or not,she started to keeping distance,,she keep away and get along with her friend without care about me,yes she is not that cating person ,but day by day rolll her gesture said a sign of "go away"

I mean that after 3 perfect year in my mind turn out that i found that the person who i cares the most in my life is playing fake love with me,she than told me with a lough that she wants to be alone,she wants me out of her life,out of her way

I felt empty,i dont know what that im do wrong,i never cheat,never refused her will, always said good night and good bye on each of my activity,and she just throw that almost a thousand days togheter on a thrash

And now when i closed my eyes her smile,her sleep innocent face,her silly gesture is raining inside my head,theres a hole on my chest asking what i done wrong that she leave me just like that...

Now ,jealous from labrinth are became my favourite song!!!!jealous of the wind that can close to her,closer that her shadow,jealous of the way ,she happy without me,,please gave me a strenght as much as her can get to smile without me!!!...but also i wish she can get the best of all this world could give

Bye : NONG!!

Tags: Lonely, Lost
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sagal yusuf says:
18 Apr, 2017 11:40 PM

lair this story is not true
I don't like it hush

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Elizabeth says:
27 Apr, 2017 12:17 PM

this is very paining ,I am sorry to the guy. only that u will find your loving queen soon. she wasn't even yours from the almighty

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nafea says:
30 Apr, 2017 11:11 AM

when I read this story , I was happy for u get a nice and cute girl by your side but then when I continue read your story I feel bad when she left you
:( , really it's was painful for me I really being sad when I hear this , but man don't worry like was said Elizabeth , it's coming from the god and he always wants the best for us even It was bad but believe me it's best and better for u .

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nafea says:
30 Apr, 2017 11:25 AM

last thing I believe that the god will give someone care about u and love u in the same and even sacrifice her self for you .

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