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09 Sep, 2016 02:38 PM

9th grade:

I gazed at a beautiful girl who was my so called best friend. Suddenly, she stood up from her seat, approached me and asked for yesterday’s notes that she had missed. I lent them to her. She wore a pleasant smile and said,”Thank u…..what will I do without you.”

I wished we were more than friends but she never thought that way and I knew it.

I wanted to tell her how I felt

But it was something that words can’t tell

I thought of giving it a try

But i just couldnt and i dont know why

Maybe……. I was a bit too shy

10th grade:

I received her call. She told me that someone seems to be stalking her for the past few days and she was all alone in her house at that time and was really scared. She requested me to come and stay with her the whole day. When i was about to leave, she gave me a warm hug and said,”thank u for always being there for me”

I wished we were more than friends but she never thought that way and i knew it.

My heart wanted to express it all

But the fear of losing her, stood tall

My mouth was stitched and i dont know why

Maybe……i was a bit too shy

Graduation day:

It was our day of graduation. There were promises of meeting again all over. There was a crowd and my eyes were just searching for her. At last we met. She wore a smile and so did I. We promised the same. I got a feeling that I would never see her again and wanted to cry. But I just couldn’t as she would have done so too. So I turned around and prepared to leave. She hugged me from the back and said,” thank you for always caring for me. You can cry.”

I wished we were more than friends but she never thought that way and I knew it.

I felt I should say it now

If only my mouth could allow

And I don’t know why

Maybe…..I was a bit too shy

Wedding day:

It was her weddind day now. My dreams seemed to be flying in front of my eyes. And then she approached me, dressed all in white. How much I wanted her to be my bride! She stood right in front and gave me a hug and said,”thank you, thank you for everything” I…I….just didn’t knew what to say. I still wonder how I controlled my tears back then. I just didn’t wanted her to be sad on such an important day. She turned around and walked away from my life forever. I always wonder how she couldn’t know I was about to cry.

I had always wished we were more than friends but she never thought that way and I knew it.

Time was fleeting and I still don’t get it,

I was going to forever regret it

I stood still with that fake smile

Wishing I could be with her my whole life

Why didnt I let her know….I don’t know why

Maybe…….I was a bit too shy

Our last meet:

I was at the graveyard, standing by the grave of my so called best friend with moist eyes. I never married cause I couldn’t have loved anybody as much as her. Suddenly my eyes fell upon a book besides her grave. It was her diary. It read

“He was my so called best friend. We were close friends but I wanted us yo be more than that. But he never thought that way and I knew it.

I couldnt have let him know

Fearing I may lost him

And I just don’t know why

Maybe I was a bit too shy”

My eyes flooded with tears. I was cursing myself. If I would have told her so, then our story might not have been UNSPOKEN.

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angel says:
30 Sep, 2016 09:03 AM

Ohhh... So sad... Shitttt.... Dear you should have told her about your feelings.... It'was important...... Decision.. Important felling.... The feelings of love....... I wish you both will meet in next live...
And not even meet.. Also love and marry and be of each other....
I want this...
I wish for you both..
I will pray for you.. Both...

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Wafa says:
25 Dec, 2016 09:20 PM

It's a really touching story

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Athul Krishna says:
17 Nov, 2017 05:13 AM

Dude this is a story of a shortfilm that was released few years back and you just made a slight change in the climax of the story. Please dont steal other's story, if you want to write one use your own imagination.
You can find this short film, beautifully presented in youtube. It's name is "Too shy".

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