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20 Nov, 2015 07:45 PM

There's this guy named Nicholas, He's sweet,kind,caring,the most loving person you can ever meet. We met on this site called meetme it's a dating site, we talked on it for a few months and we got close. We have met in person a few times, I have helped him with his school work and i'm making sure he graduates.

He and i have been friends for a while, he is always their for me when i need him. One day, I wrote him a letter telling him how i felt about him, he got the letter and told me he doesn't see me like that, He doesn't want anything to ruin our friendship. I was so upset, I really truly had feelings for him and i still do. He doesn't understand that my feelings aren't gonna go away so easily like his can.

One day, me and him went for coffee, we sat their and talked for hours and hours, It felt so good just to see his face and be able to talk to him about everything, but still couldn't change his mind about me, he just sees me as his best friend. That's all i'll ever be to him is his best friend, It's funny sometimes he acts like he's my boyfriend, he gets jealous over guys who talk to me, he trys to be so competive with my baby daddy. He asks me everytime i'm on the phone who text's me and what not. He acts jealous sometimes i don't get him. I tried asking him why and he just tells me Because i care about you.

He plays games with me sometimes, He is so mysterious you never know what he's thinking or what he's gonna say, He is a one of a kind person, He is different from any other guy i have met, he is just a mystery. Sometimes i wonder if there's another girl in his life because sometimes he doesn't answer my calls or my text messages and i know sometimes he's working or he's busy but lately, it's been an issue. He got mad at me for calling him while he was at work i never knew he was even their.

I just wish i knew how he truly truly truly felt, why he isn't into me i wanna know the honest truth and i feel like he'll never give me that.
He's been so distant lately I don't know why, he was calling constantly now its been more than a week he found someone else but so did i.

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Nathi says:
30 Dec, 2015 01:33 PM

The guy had no intrest its just tht he liked ur resorces try this no 0781254004

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cherry says:
10 Jan, 2016 09:46 AM

same with me, a guy plays with my feelings he acts like he likes me,but shes dating someone,his being unfair to make me feel this way,,,never assume

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Tokaa says:
15 Jan, 2016 01:03 AM

yeah same with my guy , he's just prenteding to be that jealousy or that care , it so unfair ..

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ren says:
19 Mar, 2016 07:04 PM

Lol he really got u whew! I hope I meet u an scrape some more money off u then leave dwl

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bella says:
30 Mar, 2016 09:13 PM


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Jill says:
11 May, 2016 10:11 PM

why are guys such assholes

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Anonymous says:
01 Nov, 2017 09:07 PM

Girls, if guys act that way it's because they're not interested, but maybe want to control you somehow, because they'd probably need to feel less alone when they break with someone in the future...but nobody deserves to be the second option, we deserve someone who loves us as we are, an to love him as he is too, don't let people manipulate you

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