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stephen part 2


20 Nov, 2015 08:02 AM

This is part two of my story with stephen, On october 27th,stephen asked me to come over and watch movies and play wwe so i agreed to go, I went to his house it was just him home alone, we talked about how each other been and how the single life is treating us, then he asked me if i have had any fun and i said no i haven't, next thing i know we are having sex. the sex was amazing this time after we were done, he and i just watched movies and just chilled. I tired to hold his hand which was the worst thing to do he rejected it.
I stayed their ittl about 4 in the morning and then i left. a few days later i seen him on halloween and he basically ingored me and didn't even say hi to me at all. I felt hurt and was pretty uspet. After that day we haven't really talked to each other, we texted every other day but didn't say much to each other.

but the other night i texted him and tried to hang with him and that's when i found out he has a new girlfriend named sophia i was completely devastated and just done with it.

I put my feelings into someone that keeps hurting me over and over again and all i wanted was a realtionship with him that's what i wanted for the longest time. He always tells me that he wants to do his own thing and that he wants to be single but at the same time he goes and gets a girlfriend, my heart felt like it was stomped on over and over again.

I really liked him and i really thought this time he was gonna give us a try. I ended things with my boyfriend who i was with for four years just so i could talk to stephen more stupid choice i know.

Stephen meant alot to me he always found some way to make me feel speical to make me feel important. I always wanted to be with him to feel like his girlfriend. I think all he wants from me is sex and thats it no strings attached. I don't want that, i want him. And i want to be his girl. I keep getting hurt and over and over again but it's my own fault. I keep allowing him to hurt me but i can't help it. I am in love with him.

He was someone that I could talk too, he was always their for me and that's why I fell for him so hard.

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Person says:
09 Jan, 2016 01:35 AM

I'm sorry, but you can't keep being an idiot and fall for others all the time! Bad stuff like this happens, and then you're going to feel horrible.

Also, why the heck would you break up with your boyfriend?! Did you even consider his feelings?! He probably felt even more sh*t than you right now because of what you did! You're not the only one sad because of all of this. Think about your ex boyfriend. For goodness sake, you're an idiot! Don't even bother getting a boyfriend if you're going to end up liking someone else and dumping the boyfriend, because that is just gonna repeat itself until the day you die.

I'm being serious here. You need to stop all of your foolishness!

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kevin jay hudson says:
09 Jan, 2016 03:15 PM


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bella says:
21 Jan, 2016 09:38 AM


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mike says:
28 Jan, 2016 02:00 PM

Person wow that was rude i mean yes what she did was kinda of stupid and yes it was dumb to end it with her boyfriend but she's just human and people do stupid things that just life

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