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To him and to her

Nibras Syed Mahmood

22 Aug, 2015 09:03 PM

He gave her his heart and she gladly accepted it with the promise of love.

The concept of love was all new to him, growing up surrounded by conflict and unconventional practices; it was a bold step but one he mustered up the courage to take because he felt that she was special someone he'd been waiting for all along.

To him, she was everything he could ever hope for. Smart, witty, beautiful and highly talented. The exact opposite of what he was; average, maybe even less. But what he lacked in terms of desirable qualities he tried his best to make up for by being loving and supportive. By being there for her even when she didn't need him to be. She was far too independent and had plenty of friends to go cry to.

To her, he was nothing more than a meaningless fling to the pass the time with. Someone she'd keep around just to stroke her own ego. She never cared for him the way he did for her. She was always far too busy to spend time with him, talk to him or send him one lousy text message asking him how his day went.

Previously she'd make an effort to be with him, in the fear of losing him if she didn't. But once she 'got' him, she decided that he wasn't worth her time or effort. She knew he'd always be there for her no matter what, he wasn't going anywhere, he wasn't worth fighting for because well; she was the best he could do. She knew that she was too good for him, in his mind he knew that as well.

Everyday he tried to make himself a better person. Giving up on his bad habits, striving to become someone worthy of her. She was the first thing he'd think about after waking up. Before going to bed he'd ask himself, "She didn't text me today either. I wish she wasn't so busy all the time." Whenever he tried texting her she'd tell him that she's busy working or has class. Too busy to free up 10 mins of her day for him. Too busy to ask him if he was feeling better when he was sick.

He was willing to move mountains for her while she on other hand wouldn't lift a pebble for him. She was his world, he wasn't even a part of hers.

Some of us aren't fortunate enough to be loved. Maybe we aren't good enough, not worth fighting for, and definitely not worth sacrificing for. I guess that's life. For her moving on would be easy, it was probably the plan from the beginning. But for him, everyday became a struggle. He'd been hurt in many different ways before. But being hurt was easier to him than knowing that he was hurting someone else. So he'd suffer in silence, love in its purest form gone to waste. And when she finally moved on, he stood still. There was nothing there for him to move on to. He was empty. She had taken his heart with her and only left behind a single painful memory...

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lexie says:
25 Sep, 2015 06:57 PM

hey for this poor guy she meant the world to u but u meant nothing to her and for that you don't need to worry about her the guy i was with dated me for a year and then ripped my heart out and ran with it i know the painful memory will always be there but replace it with good loving memories not ones that make u suffer and hurt

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