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How I lost my best friend


15 Jul, 2015 08:10 PM

Okay, so I had a best friend, like we all do, right? The one that you think will never leave you, will always be there when you need them, be like your rock, right? Well, this is what mine and Lucy's friendship was like. She was my world, my sister, my rock. Until I lost her last year..

We were friends all our lives, from the age of six months, when we met in hospital. I had complications with my birth and she had lung problems. I was bullied majorly in primary school and secondary school, up to this day still. And so was she, but she was bulled for something that she couldn't change, it wasn't her two mothers faults for being lesbian, was it? They were the best mothers I had ever met!

Last year, on January the 13th, was the most horrible day of my entire life. It was a bad day at school for me, the usual bullying and stuff.. When I got home, I messaged her, like normal. But something was different that day, usually she messages me straight away no matter what she's doing, but this time she took 20 minutes to reply. At first, I thought nothing of it, until I got this message..

'Hey buttercup, I won't be able to talk much to you anymore, after being friends with you for just over 14 years, our friendship has to come to an end, I'm so sorry I have to break all my promises that I made to you, I'm sorry I'm strong enough to hold on.. I just can't anymore.. I'm too tired to carry on.. I'm so sorry.. Goodbye buttercup, I love you sis'

I knew exactly what this meant, I didn't bother replying though. I got my shoes on and I ran out of my front door, all the way to her house, which wasn't that far, I had tears streaming down my face, I fell over multiple times, but I didn't stop till I reached her house.

When I got there, her front door was unlocked, there was no one in, no noises coming from any of the rooms, I ran through the whole house until I found one door locked.. her bedroom. I couldn't get in! So in the end I had to go into her kitchen and grab her hammer from her bits and bobs cupboard, and I smashed her door when I got into her room, it was horrible.. she just hanging there.. lifeless, her wrists were cut apart along with her.. neck. I couldn't breathe. But I had to ring her parents as well as the ambulance.

Do you know how hard it is to tell someone's mother that their baby's just died? No? Then let me tell you, it's the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

I can't say much anymore, it hurts too much..

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Abhishek teron says:
18 Aug, 2015 06:33 PM

I know ur pain... how much it hurts..I knw it cuz I had
my dad leaven me wen I was 9 years old... and my lil bro who I love the most died
.. I was left by father..and we had no money... I still remember I was Hungary
... for 3 day... I had not taken food for 3 days...
I used to listen to rap songs...
tan I started writing rap songs..
slowly... i work hard and made my first song... and it was very popular... and I am keep on doing tat shit...
I remember in small my frns used to bulled.. me a lot...
now m 15 years...
and thanks my mom...

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sally says:
18 Aug, 2015 10:42 PM

I am so sorry that that happened. Even though that never happened to me I am Very sorry.

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sally says:
18 Aug, 2015 10:45 PM

I am so sorry that that happened to you...even though i don't know you. Evan though That never happened to me im so so so so so sorry.

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18 Aug, 2015 11:02 PM


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mariyah says:
18 Aug, 2015 11:03 PM

how do its hurts..

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TheSilentOne says:
19 Aug, 2015 10:01 PM

Wow, I'm so sorry...

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Zach says:
21 Aug, 2015 02:29 PM

omg???? I'm so so so so sorry

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Charity says:
23 Aug, 2015 10:23 PM

I am very sorry for your lost! lost someone too on January 13th, I was my mother. Be strong.

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Maxi Montoya says:
03 Sep, 2015 07:08 AM

OMG......IM SOOO SORRY :( ....

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The Unknown says:
15 Sep, 2015 08:58 PM


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Tsipongse says:
09 Oct, 2015 03:28 PM

in life full of sorrow when our best cup happen to fall. It can't able to join back again to the same shape. So it reflect to our life that loosing our bestfriend is like our one arm is lost somewhere. But nevertheless God is our problem rolver so trurt in God

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Jordan Murphy says:
09 Mar, 2016 08:21 PM

Hey, OMG! I don't know were to start...ME and my best friend was reading it and we cried through almost the whole thing!! Im sorry that you had to go through that!!!!! nobody on earth should have to do that!!!! Im here for you thought even though I don't know who you are im here for you

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Diana says:
04 Jul, 2016 01:42 AM

I'm so sorry to hear your story, I lost my best friend too, it just because we were not in the same school again a year ago, and also I lost her because I always forget her and I'm too excited with my new friend in my new school .. And now when we meet she just regard me as stranger. :(

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Angel says:
10 Oct, 2016 03:58 PM

I'm so sorry for you lost I found my dad hanging when I was 10 I'm 13 and I still remember I depressed to and I get bullied and abused all I can say is stay stron you see her again

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Devesh says:
15 May, 2018 11:30 AM

Life is really very difficult....when u have a best friemd.....same thing is happening with me i will also die ome day ????

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