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Katlego Mabale

30 Aug, 2010 02:15 PM

" I love you Micheal" I told him over the phone
" yeah sure Katz, whatever, got to go now" he told me
" Alryt love see..." Before I had even finished my last sentence he hung up. My heart was just drowning in mud, I just could not look at my friends, who were waiting to hear what Micheal had said to me.
" what did he say" Judy asked me
" Well..he said he misses me and He just can not wait till I come back home" I lied to them, and deep inside I knew I myself was hurting.I could not sit any longer with my friends, I had to go away from them, I just could not take the pain and I knew that anytime I would burst out into tears and that would cause too much trouble.
I just made the lamest excuse of having a headache and how I wanted to go to sleep at once...When I got to my room,I burst out in tears, i cried for a lot of reasons...I cried because I had just lied to my friends, but most of all I cried because Micheal is not giving me the love I knew I deserved.
Right then I knew I was ought to end the relationship but I thought to myself what if he loves me but he just can not show I did not end the relationship but I knew that I was broken.
So broken that when I got home for the holidays I promised myself not to speak to him until he had apologized for treating me so badly,but instead I was the first one to call him when I got home.

"hey baby, you know how much I missed you, life has just been horrible without you around here" he said over the phone
" really Micheal?" I was really surprised
" yeah sweetheart you know you are my only love, and nothing can ever come between us" He said these words followed by a little cute laugh.
After this, Micheals words echoed the whole week in me.I made a decision that I was just being a little sensitive, after all I heard myself that he thinks that nothing can ever come between us...I could not wait till we meet again, after the phone call I was head over heels. I knew that if he was to leave me anytime soon my life would end.At that moment I was just waiting for cupid to come shooting his arrow through my heart,I felt like i was flying on cloud nine.Everything was just the way I wanted it to be, and all this happiness because of a single phone call.

The day came when He and I were to meet again.That day I had borrowed my sisters blue skirt and her make up, I wanted to look so fabulous, so pretty and beautiful, that Micheal would not have to regret his decision of making me the one.I found myself humming this cool song by beyonce "dangerously in love with you" everything was just the way i wanted it to be...Not only was it a good hair day, but my face was looking fabulous too, so I thought that it had been that new lemon lite I had been using.Everything was just perfect.

There i was, walking towards his house, the first person I saw there was this pretty girl standing outside his house and then she went inside, so I figured it was just one of his cousin.
Just when I was about to give him a phone call to call him out,I saw his light brown skin, there skin that I always imaged and fantasied about when I am all alone. His light brown eyes shining against the sun, reflected my face.That was just the best image I have ever seen in my whole seventeen years of living.

"hey" he said
"hey Micheal how you doing...?" I asked him with a smile across my face
" hhmm Katz, you know man I gotta tell you something chick, I do not know how you going to take this but yeah" he explained to that moment my smile was fading away, my heart was pounding, thumping so bad I thought he could even hear it.

"Mhh Katz...I know you are smart enough to know when somebody loves you and when somebody is just using you right?...well Katz what i am trying to say is that You are just not the girl for me, you never were and I do not even think you will ever be" i could find other words to substitute here but those words were truly there ones he said.
I did see it coming, but I just could not believe that he was really ending things with me...i swear I never wanted him to leave...It just hearts me to know that he said those words...I was just broken, it seems to me as if he was enjoying what he was doing...

" But micheal, you can not..."and just as I was about to finish my line, the girl I saw earlier on appeared with a smile across her face...Micheal said something to her and she replied... i could not really make out the words they said to each other, it was clear that they were now kissing in front of me, as if i was not standing there.
Couldnt Micheal see that I was broken already, what he did to me on that day was just the only part I wish I could replace...I just can not believe that he was leaving me like this...broken.

How could he leave me broken, couldn't he see that i was broken, and it is hurting me that he just left me like that, broken.And because of him I do not know if I can ever love again...I am just Broken, he sure did leave me broken.

I do not wanna feel that way again, I could find another guy now, but I do not wanna be broken...

Katlego Melissa Mabale

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Dineo says:
02 Sep, 2010 07:14 AM

hey gal i'm sorry so are u talking to dis guy? are u'll guys friends coz u gotta let go of the past even though its hard i knw u can do it as u refer to urself as a clever girl. i hope you dont live in fear for the rest of your life...

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Katlego Mabale says:
02 Sep, 2010 10:22 AM

Hey Dineo, thanks for reading my story, it really means a lot.Well no i am not talking to this guy, because I do not beleive he deserves to hear a word from me to him...But I did forgive him, and because i love him I wiched him the best of luck in life...I will try not to live in fear, but you gotta understand that it is not easy.He has wounded me deeply.But I think for the past two months I have tried getting over him, and I think i am getting there.Again thanks for reading my story it really means a lot...oh and if you do have an email account please do mail me...thank you dineo

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sidney says:
02 Sep, 2010 07:29 PM

i'm sorry

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Katlego Mabale says:
02 Sep, 2010 08:23 PM

Thanks for reading my story Sidney...And thank you for symphethising with me.

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juila says:
06 Sep, 2010 01:12 AM

that was so horrible * so sad I AM REALLY SO SORRY .. but yeah i can say something u are a really sweet girl after all what he did to u , u forgived him and still wish him all the best well not all people are like u ... and now i wish u all the very best and all teh happines u diserve

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Katlego Mabale says:
06 Sep, 2010 11:34 AM

Thank you Julia...the world needs more people like you...please send me your email adress and be my penpal...well mailpal...dat would be great and wonderful thanks....

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juila says:
07 Sep, 2010 12:03 PM

oh THx So sWeet of u ... =)
yeah sur ethis is my email u can contact me trough this id .. itx
take care

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Lindie says:
08 Sep, 2010 01:48 AM

Katz, what a wonderful story, it relates to many girls, so thanks for sharing your tragedy.Don't really worry about him you'll get yourself someone who deserves you better.

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POLOKO says:
09 Sep, 2010 06:00 AM

U deserve better bbe...let it go evrything has a purpose maybe is for a gud reason!guys do miserable things to us n hope its high tym we bcome more careful,we are so precious we deserve good thns!gud luck switz

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Bel'Mo says:
09 Sep, 2010 02:26 PM

Omg! Im so sorry girl. I just think nnow what you need to do is lift yourself up, put your pride-coat on and walk on. Dont worry about the people in your past, there's a reason why they didn't make it to your future.
You deserve much more than him and it's not you that should be feeling bad, it's him..for being such an idiot. You better off without him girl.

Keep on keeping on g! <3
xx Bel

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Katlego Mabale says:
11 Sep, 2010 12:48 AM

@Bel.thanx gal, your words are really inspiring...i will indeed keep on keeping on.Thanx
@Poloko Thanx gal, its great to know that you found interest in my story.Thanx for reading...Keep reading theres lots to come.

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addie wisdom says:
05 Oct, 2010 10:04 AM

omg im so sorry girl you dont deserve that god bless you

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jailine says:
09 Oct, 2010 09:39 AM

i think you deserve better than him and dont give up you'll find the rigth guy some day

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Ntombi Gee says:
14 Mar, 2011 04:38 AM

Oh my gosh my friend I didn't knw that u were so talented!! I am really proud of u *wink* and hey I'll come give u a hug for the pain you experienced... U don't deserve the treatment u got but always knw that I have got mad love you!!!!
Good job!!!

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Katlego Mabale says:
14 Mar, 2011 10:25 PM

@Addie Wisdom....Thanx, hope God does the same for u.
@Jailine Thank you so much...but I've been waiting for the right guy till today.

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cris mary says:
21 Apr, 2012 04:03 AM

what a sad story..............sorry for that.........he's not the right guy for you deserves something better,,,,just keep living ..

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brian says:
01 Jun, 2012 08:34 PM

some pipo re jus heartless,he neva deserved u!i hope u ve find da rite guy naw..

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Sarah says:
22 Jul, 2012 09:14 PM

That was really sad,im sorry... I dont know what to say... Just, i wish best days for u.

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victoria says:
17 Sep, 2012 05:26 AM

dats just saad he doesent deserve u hes not worth being with

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denden ranara says:
20 Nov, 2012 06:16 AM

uhm...... wat'ta ruthless gud-4-nating-specie he was....
da nerve of dat guy....
i dunno wat to say... siya na gud.
ok lng yan gurl pain is a part of loving.

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Sabrina says:
16 Apr, 2013 09:42 PM

I'm so sorry this happened to you, Katlego. You seem like a very smart and sweet girl and he is an asshole. I had a similar experience with someone...I loved him, thought he loved me, but in the end, I found out he just used me, and that he was chasing after other girls, and he now has a girlfriend.

You deserve so much better, and karma will get him for the way he treated you.

Wishing you the best, xoxo Sabrina.

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nesrine says:
04 Sep, 2014 06:42 PM

Im so sorry for you but you need to forgive hem and forget about hem to moove on and that boy is a jurk i don't know how a smat girl end up with hem??

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