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Plz Help to Find Answer for This Boy


16 May, 2015 07:04 PM

Once there was a boy who was living simply. He never faced real love before in life. May be the boy fall for other girls because of attractions.

Suddenly One day a big memorable life changing incident happened in his life. He got a girl’s friend request in chat. He accepted it and starts to talk with her as normally he does. But when he listened her voice and saw her he falls in love with her at same time. Her voice was so much soft and sweet which give peace to his mind and heart. But slowly he realized she is broken hearted. One guy (her boyfriend) broke her heart but she was …… Don’t know may be trying to figure out what is happening with her or what she does.

Soon both start to talk with each other every day till late night or whenever they got time. Not a single day passed when they did not talked with each other. Boy already knows he love her and maybe she also start to love him. But he did not have strength to tell her that he love her because only six days passed while talking and thinking that maybe she will feel bad about him that he taking benefit of her broken heart. Everyday talking with each other till late night. Playing Antakshri (Song Game) with each other felt amazing.

Then soon one mid night while talking Finally Girl proposed him and told him she fall in love with him. She said, I LOVE YOU. Really it was very shocking moment for him. Because the thing he could not say her, those three magical words she told him. He keep silenced to her propose, did not said anything to her. She thought maybe he did not love her and she start cry on phone. But in reality he was thinking that it’s like a Do or Die situation for him. The love he felt for her, he never felt for anyone before. They never met with each other in real life. There are 10% chances that he can be with her. She is from neighbor country. That time he Make one decision FOLLOW YOUR HEART. Heart said, say yes. And he also said her, I LOVE YOU. He ready to go with those 10 % chances and one more thing he decided himself that She will be the only one girl now in his life. NO other girl he will love. She is the only one. If he can be with her then ok, otherwise no Girl. He promised her NO matter what happen he will never leave her. He will do anything for her.

Both are happy now every day. Feeling Happy every day, talking each other, watching each other every day and night.

He never felt so good like this before. He always likes to see her at night while sleeping. It gives a peace to his mind and heart. His heart wishes at least once he can touch her real.

Time passed, after six months he got news her family looking for a guy to marry her. Both become sad. First Country farness, Second Religion difference. Boy did not have lot of money so he can buy ticket and go there himself. He could not ask help from his family because other can never understand it and they will make fun of it. Who will believe on Long Love Distance? Who even never met in Real?

Nothing they both can do. Girl could not left her house and run away with him because so much far. Also She Love her parents lot. Boy also could not ask her to leave everything and come to me because he knows she love her parents lot and by hurting your parents is never a good way. IF girl try to tell her parents about boy then her parents can hurt her as normally these thing happen in family now these days. No other chance left, except accepting this situation. But they both never left each other. After 5 month Girl marriage day come. Both talking with each other till marriage date daily. On wedding day. Boy cried like helpless child all day like mad. Looks like End of story.

But it was his promise he will never leave her. She will be the Only One to him. He love him lot and care for her that much, which could not describe in worlds.

After marriage slowly everyday night talk between boy and girl become seldom talk like once in month or 5 month. But never left to love each other. He always think about her every day, How was she? Is she ok? Hope she will be fine. Because in girl culture Husband can beat his wife. That he was main afraid of. He prays to god every day that she will be fine and give her every happiness.

And now 4 years passed to this incident. They still love each other. Boy never missed a single day when he not thought about her. She also tried to talk with him whenever she can get time. And waiting in this Hope that may be they will meet each other one day. NO matter even they are together with each other when they get old. Lose teeth from mouth or get wrinkled face….!!

Is the Boy is Crazy and stupid or mad that he falls in love with a girl, whom he never met in his life and ready to waiting her for whole life?
Is he made the Right Choice by following his Heart?

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Eww says:
13 Jun, 2015 09:31 PM

This was so gay ew and your grammar sucks, learn how to make sense... By the way this story seems fake

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Eww says:
16 Jun, 2015 09:19 PM

Eww like i said this story doesnt make sense, nd your grammar sucks.. Why did u delete my comment

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Eww says:
16 Jun, 2015 09:21 PM

Eww like i said this story doesnt make sense, and your grammar sucks... Btw why did you delete my comment

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Parra says:
21 Jun, 2015 02:24 PM

First of All there are lot of mistake in grammer... Bcoz am not that hifi English speaker. If not made sense then tell answer... What he should do?

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callista.m says:
22 Jun, 2015 04:57 AM

because you were being rude to him and your a peasant.

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Eww says:
30 Jun, 2015 12:55 AM

Shutup callista.m i wasnt talking to u so dont get involved

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Cheng says:
06 Jun, 2016 04:53 PM

If you can't be together, it doesn't mean that love once you shared wasn't true or real. It simply means that when you both grew, you grew apart.

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Span says:
13 Oct, 2016 11:22 PM

eww u better stfu learn how to respect others and if ur going disrespect people get off this site....

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Span says:
13 Oct, 2016 11:23 PM

@Parra where do u live and where does the girl live?

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divyansh says:
05 Nov, 2016 09:52 AM

i think and feel that boy is right at his part and he should carry to love that girl forever.

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rahul kumar says:
10 Nov, 2016 04:36 PM

story was good but not make sense

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