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Monica yang

11 Nov, 2014 06:35 AM

“We, never existed.”

The words kept replaying over and over, until I was on the brink of disgust. My throat was about to explode with the vile mixture of anger and frustration coming up, but yet, I kept it in. it hurts.

“why?! Why must you do this to me? What have I done wrong?!” I shouted, as we were in front of my house. He says it so calmly; it irritates me under my skin that his face was all full on with breaking up, basically showing no sympathy. “FINE! HAVE IT YOUR WAY!” I opened the door, and slammed it on his face, I don’t care if he was hit, or he comes up to my room saying he’s sorry, I want him to disappear, disappear from my world. “I have reasons, Marie. And I already don’t love you from the first day we started dating. I don’t want you.” His words cut me deep like a sharp knife. I ran up my room, my present that was given from him sitting on my desk, the gift I was making for his upcoming birthday, the clothing that we chose together, the photos of us, together. I ripped them off my wall, grabbed a garbage bag and shoved the gifts and memories all into it until it was all tight and ripping. “Have them back!” I yelled, and threw the bag with all my might out of my window; he stumbled with the weight, including the anger I have. My eyes burn and my chest kept being tighter, my tears couldn’t stop flowing. The heat on my face is hot. I cried, and he stood there, Hearing my pathetic sobs. I want him gone. He stood there for almost an hour, briefly looking in the bag with a perplexed look. He stiffed his lips and paced away.

it hurts. what is warmth? a puppet that has lost its strings, what is happiness? to be broken by you like this? the tears continue to flow, warm tears shed from my tired eyes that lost its glow. a hole remains in my heart forever. the fragment of resentment and despair.

the happy times we had together, the smiles, the laughter, but his three words kept slicing through. Mum comes knocking on my door. "sweetie? can i come in?" i didnt reply, my head buried in my arms as i was leaning on the wall. mum walked in and cuddled me, just like how i would be upset when i was young. "sweetie, i know that breaking up with joseph isnt easy. moving on, ya know?" a smile tingled on my lips on how she would use slangs, because she sucks at it with her british accent, but i dont mind. "yeah mum. ya know?" she laughed and hugged me tight. i was engulfed in the perfume of mango and peach. let it all out marie pie." and i cried, snuggling into mums warm arms.


let it heal in time.

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Nikhil Anand says:
15 Dec, 2014 05:12 AM

My feelings

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Hunt says:
30 Dec, 2014 09:29 AM

He realizes what he lost that's why he couldn't talk to you.

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Monica yang says:
03 Jan, 2015 03:19 AM

maybe so :)

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meghala says:
19 Jan, 2015 07:40 AM

Life has to go on.

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krishea torrecampo says:
23 Feb, 2015 10:36 AM

yeah , it really hurts . .:-(
the boy is so stupid ..

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shefali says:
12 Mar, 2015 08:45 PM

life is about to move on

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veeru.. says:
22 Mar, 2015 01:13 PM

Ya it hurts...guys i too loved a girl so much..i went to police was a.big story...i left all my studies for her....but u know...she already loved someone in past...after breaking up with him she proposed me...all happened in 10days...she said u r my first lover...i love u so much...but now i came to know her past...what happened between them in room...i can't take this pain guys...i never thinked like this about her....its killing me is death don't ever chase it...

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Edice Hua says:
01 Apr, 2015 12:14 PM

Hmmm... If he never felt it in the first place then why would he even be with you? I don't see the reason why he would stay for so long if so. But this is typical don't worry, he's not good enough, you did a lot to love him but if he don't appreciate you then he is not worth it at all. I mean sure he can give you presents, I mean your friends and sometimes strangers can also do the same thing... but to love unconditionally is way more different. <3 Love yourself you are beautiful :)

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Ammy says:
07 Jan, 2016 06:49 PM

I liked the stories end but how you did with that guy so rudely ... somewhere it makes me feel that you didn't love him truly from the bottom of your heart. Like I'm also in this world I had only two things of him given to me , I threw one but the other I have with me cuz one day when I will meet him I'm gonna just give him so that if he even forgets about me and his relation then on that day he will remember maybe, he will also regret for what all he has done to me.

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