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27 Oct, 2014 11:33 PM

The scent of roses and women’s perfume filled the air. As I entered the restaurant, tears started forming in my eyes. I’m a man I can’t cry. Whatever, I don't care, there’s good enough of a reason for me to cry.
The waitress welcomed me. I asked for a table for 2, and told the waitress that she was coming, she was on her way. The waitress nodded and looked at my eyes.
“Sir, are you alright?”
“Yeah, Yeah, I’m fine.”
“Uh actually, miss, may I choose a table to sit at? It would mean very much to me.”
It really would.
“Uhh… okay. Which table would you like to sit at?”
I led her to the table I sat on that very night.
“But sir, I’m not sure… that’s a family table…”
“Please, I’ll pay extra. It would mean so much if I could.”
“Uhh… okay. Would you like a drink?”
“No thanks.”
“Okay. I’ll be back soon for your order.”
“Thank You.”
She left. I looked around. I saw couples eating, laughing happily, drinking wine, having fun.
I sighed. She came back.
“One more thing sir, would you like us to notify you when “she” comes?”
“Uhh.. okay.”
“May I have her name?”
“Oh, its Leslie. Leslie Katherine Winters…”
“Okay! Thank you, Sir. We will tell you when she arrives.”
That was probably the longest conversation I’ve had in a while. I sat down and closed my eyes, trying to go back to 10 years ago when I first met her. I remember everything so clearly, it’s like it’s actually happening.

I was out at dinner at this exact restaurant, with some of my friends. She was sitting at the table next to mine. After she tripped, after she clutched my shoulder for balance, after I helped her pick up the contents of her purse that were spread out all over the floor, we looked into eachothers eyes. They were the most beautiful color of blue, they were the most beautiful pair of eyes I had ever seen. Her cheeks blushed pink, making her look all the more beautiful, and said “Sorry.” Later that evening at the restaurant, I was walking to the bathroom, while she was walking back. I stopped her.

“Miss. Can I just tell you that you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot of eyes, I’m an eye surgeon.”
Well, that was a lie. But I had to get my point across. Her cheeks blushed pink again, and looked down.
“Oh, Thank you…”
She was so beautiful.
“Can I have your number?”
“Excuse me?”
“May I have your number? We could keep in contact.”
I smiled. We exchanged numbers, and she smiled the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen.

After about a month of texting and calling, we decided to meet again at the same restaurant we first met. I still remember, her beautiful midnight blue dress, and her brown hair done in perfect curls, her diamond earrings, her beautiful expensive-smelling perfume. And her beautiful smile of course, I could never forget that. When we got home, she took all her makeup off, and changed into pajamas, and she still looked beautiful. She was perfect, honestly the most perfect woman I’ve ever met, and the most perfect I’ll ever meet.

The waitress came back.
“Sir, what would you like to order?”
“I’ll have... “
I tried to remember exactly what we ordered that day.
“Bistecca alla fiorentina, I think it’s called.”
“Okay Sir, I will be back shortly with your food.”
“Thank you.”
I didn’t have much of an appetite. I only ordered it because the smell reminded me of her. I haven’t returned to this restaurant after she left. I couldn’t bear it, going to the restaurant without her. I didn’t think it’d ever happen, nor did I want it to ever happen.
Today’s our anniversary. 10 years. Not since we got married, but since we met. That’s the real anniversary. Truth is, we felt like we were married even before we got married. We were connected. Then stupid cancer had to get in the way and take her life. And mine too.
The food came. The smell reminded me of her. Her beautiful smile, her beautiful face, her beautiful everything. I didn’t feel like eating. I played with the food, and hummed her favorite song, Blowin in the wind, by Bob Dylan. Tears formed in my eyes. I had already broken her promise.

“Drake? You know I’m going to have to leave everything one day. I know I’m gonna lose. But you promise me you won’t cry for me, okay? Promise me.”
Her voice was beautiful.
“Leslie, why are you talking about this now, you know you still have a while, okay honey, please. Don’t say things like that.”
“No Drake, I’m going soon. I know it. So promise me.”
“You have to say it.”
“I promise.”
My voice shook. Her eyes were misty. And mine too.

The waitress came. This time, she looked into my eyes.
“Sir, I’ll ask again. Are you alright?”
“No, you’re not.”
“Can I help?”
“No, unless you can bring Leslie.”
“Sir, I’m sorry she ha-”
“She’s gone. She’s not coming. Ever. She’s just GONE, do you hear me?”
I got up furiously. My emotions have been uncontrollable recently.
I didn’t mean to yell what I said. She was obviously shocked that I yelled so fiercely, at nothing in particular.
She suddenly got quieter. She understood.
“I’m so sorry, sir. What happened?”
I sat back down. Wanting everyone in the restaurant to stop staring at me.
She sat down in front of me.
“Tell me about her.”
“Uh… she was beautiful. Blue eyes…”
I kept going on and on and on. She was probably getting sick of listening to me ramble. But I had to empty it out to someone. And she offered to listen, so I took the advantage.

“Sir, I’m so sorry for all this. I understand. It’s alright, she will come back to you in person sometime soon.”
She looked at me and smiled. I looked into her eyes. They seemed to be the same gorgeous blue eyes of Leslie. I looked at the waitress’ hair. Same brown, neatly done curls. I slightly shook my head, wondering if my eyes were playing tricks on me. But no, she looked just like my wonderful Leslie.
“Yes, sir?”
“I never asked you, what’s your name?”

Tags: Sad, Lost Love, Love, Death
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Ale says:
30 Oct, 2014 10:57 PM

Its so beautiful

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lol says:
31 Oct, 2014 05:10 PM


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Jesus says:
03 Nov, 2014 05:49 AM

These stories are so inspiring... I wish I knew how to write one of these!!
So much sympathy and shocking, surprising

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Candith says:
04 Nov, 2014 12:48 PM


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Madeline says:
04 Nov, 2014 05:15 PM

thank you <3 This one obviously isnt a true story but I just felt like writing something like this... so I did. But my other story is true if u want to read it. :) and thanks again <3 :)

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Angry reader says:
06 Nov, 2014 02:36 AM

Was the cursing necessary? This would have been a good story but you ruined it with the language. You know children have acces to this right? ????

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Azqiyadp says:
07 Nov, 2014 08:29 AM

This story fucking killed me. I hope my friend can comeback like in this story. Yes i hope

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Lilly says:
07 Nov, 2014 11:14 PM

Im confused D:

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Madeline says:
09 Nov, 2014 01:54 AM

I'm sorry about the cursing!! I wrote it for something else and pretty much copy-pasted. But I'll fix it right now!! And thank you for informing me :)

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Fiskxx says:
22 Dec, 2014 01:34 PM

wow. WOW. I hope i can write a fantastic story like this:')

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Madeline says:
23 Dec, 2014 07:12 PM

Thanks (: You just have to keep writing and eventually you get better (: I rewrote this one like 5 times to make it better :P Keep writing! ~Madeline

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duzulayo says:
27 Dec, 2014 03:59 PM

One of the most beautiful stories i have ever read. Lovely.

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Madeline says:
07 Jan, 2015 01:00 AM

Thank you so much (: ~Madeline

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berian says:
21 Aug, 2015 01:21 PM

Mmmm am taking this one to my facebook page.

I love it. Yoo

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ADK says:
27 Jan, 2016 12:08 AM

nice story! create another one just like this one.

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