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Last Love


22 Jun, 2014 04:20 AM

There I was standing there in front of my love, my world, the light on the street lamb shinning up on us, making everything else dark. Her hair slowly moving because of the chilled wind, I looked into her eyes and saw someone new. Hearing the words “it’s over” from her lips broke me inside, a tear rolled down her face, reminding me of all the memories we had together. I turned cold, I couldn't feel that warmth within me, everything was dark, the outside, the inside, I had let the darkness completely consume me, she took my cold hand in her hand on last time, held it tight one last time, looked me the eyes, gave me one last kiss on the cheek and turned around.

It had started to rain, as if earth itself was crying, pouring down on me, the rain hid my tears, as she walked away, I wanted to run up to her and tell her not to go, to not leave to me to the darkness, I wanted to hold her again in my arms and see her smile, but the only thing I could was stand there and stare at her slowing moving away from me, she was becoming more distant, I want to scream out but I couldn't, I saw her look at me one last time before she became a blur and disappeared forever, my world, my love gone forever from me.

As if the earth could feel my heart break it rained harder and heavier, I stood there not being able to move, starring in the direction she disappeared hoping to see her running back, but she didn't, she was gone from my life, my light was gone, my dreams, hopes, my heart was gone, my soul was gone, I felt empty, as if she had just grabbed my soul and ripped it out of me. As I sat down the flickering lamp gave out, the darkness rushed in to make me one of it. I sat there head in my hand, not knowing what to do, still hoping she would come back. As I stood back up I didn't know where to go, back home? back to friends? I didn't know.

I was confused, lost, but I still started walking, thinking about her gorgeous smile, the way she ran her fingers through her hair, the way she giggled, the way she looked at me, I didn't realize where I was going, everything was dark for me, suddenly a bright light came from my right side, I fell down hitting the road hard, I saw my blood slowing moving away from me as if following a pattern, pair of hands grabbing my limb body, lights passed me as if I was in a speeding car, doors opened, people with blue mask stood around me, machines with beeping sounds, closing my eyes, i saw her smile and her eyes one last time, smiling I took my last breath.

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Vikas Gawande says:
27 Jun, 2014 07:45 AM

Awesome buddy You are a very gud writer. I am a film maker contact me as on my mail. I am taking this story for my next film. Contact me...

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unako biata says:
23 Jul, 2014 08:30 AM

wow this is awsome! im also a writter of a diary called diary ka thembie but i stoppedb because i became lazy to write....vikwaz gawande where you from

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DavidThomas says:
26 Jul, 2014 10:54 AM

back ground is india but i live in aus

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janet howard says:
29 Jul, 2014 10:57 AM

because i am vietnamese so i don't fell it í very sad ... But you write very well. i like it

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DavidThomas says:
03 Aug, 2014 11:26 AM

thank you janet howard..don't be this story was what i felt like a while ago

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nit says:
09 Mar, 2016 07:53 PM

its too good keep it up

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