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02 Jan, 2014 09:37 PM

Well, today I am going to tell you my story on how i am bullied.

In Kindergarden through 3rd grade, I was always the most happiest kid ever! I was always nice to people, (which I still am now) and I always cared about people (which I still do)... But when 4th grade happened, that all changed....

In 4th grade I was still smiling. Until I met a boy, he was really cute! He always was the "Bad Boy" of the class, I don't really like bad boys but he changed all of that. I was always on cloud nine when I met him. One day I told my best friend about the boy and that I had a crush on him. I told her not to tell anybody. She promised she wouldn't. Well instead of telling nobody, she told all of the school! I was already in a relationship with somebody in a different class, but that ended quick. Throughout the school year, I always got called slut, whore, ho, and hooker. I became very depressed. I thought I had friends but all they were were just fakes dared by the popular girls so that they would be "accepted" in their popular groups.

*1 year later*

I began 5th grade, I thought everything would be great! But no as more people came, more people just bullied me. I was thinking about cutting myself, I said I will stay strong, I will never cut. The people at school just got worse, telling me to go ahead and dig a hole, make a grave, and hide because they would kill me. Or saying kill yourself! Trust me the world will be better without your slutty a**! I didn't want to tell my mom or dad because they would just laugh and say oh baby you do have friends! I seriously wanted to commit suicide. But I always said "No, somebody out there will just love you, someday" I counted down the days till Middle School... then it came.

*summer before middle school*

I was so excited! I thought everything will be better! I thought I was going to a Middle School that didn't include the people in Elementary but in that summer everything changed. My parents decided to change the schedule and now I had to go to the same Middle School that everybody else was going to. I began thinking,"what should I do? commit suicide?" I couldn't I just couldn't, I believe that everybody's life is special... except mine...

*in middle school*

The time had come, I was in middle school, I felt like I didn't belong, I pretended that I was sick a lot of time so that I didn't have to be bullied for one day. After a while, people got meaner and meaner. Telling me to go kill myself and that they would do me the favor of giving me to the dogs to eat. I never thought that they would be that mean to me... I just thought that all of this would clear up.... so far it hasn't... as I write this I'm thinking should I just-just die..? -From a victim

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Tom says:
11 Jan, 2014 01:18 PM

I'm so speechless and so disappointed about how they treat you... i just want to say that you should try tl and talk about this with your parents and school... i am sure they will help you and stop and punish those who treated you like this.. just hang on a bit and don't give up....

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Anonymous says:
11 Jan, 2014 11:45 PM

I'm not the right person to tell you what to do, I have no idea what you've been through, but I know that everybody deserves a second chance. Try to speak to someone. Tell somebody everything you feel. I can imagine you won't do that, whatever I say. And as I write this, I am trying to think of a way to stop you from feeling bad and thinking of suicide. I'd love to talk to you. As a stranger I can't hurt you.
If you can't hold it, contact me. I will answer.
Please stay strong

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kylee says:
15 Jan, 2014 03:26 AM

just talk to your parents they will get you though all of this u will find friends alonge the way ive been bulied before but never like that keep your head held high. this might not be the best advicebut laugh when they say those mean thing to you they will stop becausesoon they will realize they are not hurting you anymore trust me I know

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Mary says:
15 Jan, 2014 04:51 PM

No you seem like a great person I myself was bullied in middle school and wanted to kill myself because it seemed that no one cared but I started going to church and began to realize that there are people who care and most importanly someone who loves me no matter what GOD -someone who cares and loves you

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Sabrina says:
17 Jan, 2014 05:50 AM

Sweetheart, those bullies are just doing that bcuz they have gone through with it, and think they can be stronger by doing mean stuff to make other not dare to do anything. Don't worry.... There's always someone in the whole world that loves u, okay. No mater what, don't ever think of killing urself bcuz that'll make u loose and them win. Kk. :) Now keep on livin and lovin, no matter what. ???:D

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the man says:
17 Jan, 2014 06:43 AM

Just because you're down doesn't mean you're out.
Life loves a good comeback!

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leli says:
17 Jan, 2014 04:35 PM

Don't give up I have been through things too and it seems like you wanna give up but take a moment and look at yourself the way your body is structured , feel your heart pumping, feel you breath, feel YOUR OWN HANDS feel yourself don't stop now dont stop your beating heart show em your smirk that says you put me down you gonna try again but not today and tomorrow is there its always there and your a survivor it runs in you obviously cuz your still here and hey even though i don't know you i bet i'll meet you at the top. :0)

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Jon says:
18 Jan, 2014 10:44 PM

Stay Strong! Remember There will always be people
There for you. If you don't feel comfortable telling your
Parents tell another family member,Teacher, Or a Counselor
But there is still hope. :) even if things seem to get worse

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victoria says:
19 Jan, 2014 03:53 AM

omg, im crying thats like my life
:( please read:

hey all. this is a true story on how i got bullied please read!......:

im not going to write this in a fairytale way im going to write it from my words.

it was my first year at high school and everything was perfect! i had amazing teachers, friends and it was such an amazing school in total.
i met this girl, kimberly wallace, and i thought she was amazing, kind, funny, sweet....until one day.

me and my friend Kelly got into a fight and we didnt want to talk to each other. so, Kelly asked her friend Melanie if she could talk to me and ask why i didnt want to talk to her. That was her first mistake.

you see, Melanie was a great girl but, she smoked and bullied. Kelly of course didnt know this, which sucked for me.

Melanie knew that if one of Kimberly's friends was upset she would hurt whoever did that to them. so she got kimberly to go with her and confront me.

i was casually walking with my bff Zoe when 2 of my other friends, amber and renae, at seperate times came up to me and both said that that afternoon, kimberly and melanie would be waiting at the only exit to the school to bash me. i was shocked and scared but ignored it. later on that day, during school, they came up to me and yelled at me. i ignored them and walked off, which they then followed me. i went down to the basketball courts with my friends and informed the teacher down there of the incident. we all sat down and started talking when melanie and kimberly came up to me again. this time the matter got worse. kimberly said to me if i did not get up she would light my hair on fire, she then pulled out a lighter she then threatened to bash me aswell. i stayed where i was when she put the lighter to my head. i froze! but soon snapped out of it and ran over to the teacher and told her what had happened. as the teacher told the girls to leave melanie yelled out "go near kelly again and ill bash you!"

since then ive been scared to death. mum has pulled me out of school for now and most my friends hate me. shocked well i was too but listen to this:

during my time at that chool i had not only been bullied by some students but by a teacher, Adam Dunwell (btw the 2 names i have put in full you may search up on FB)
wondering how he bullied me? only verbally but it hurt me.... a lot.
during classes he sais mean things to me and my friends. he told me that if he could write anything on my report card it would write that im a stupid girl and that im idotic. i felt bad!

i realised why he called me that though. i went to a small school where talking in class was fine as long as you got your work done and thats exactly what i did and i was an A student. being of which i wasnt prepared for the intensity of high school. i was never bullied at primary because it was so small and we were all practically family.

im now in grade nine as this all only happened last year. i had depression because i believed what they said. i believed that all bullys were right. but there not! i got told to hang myself, die and got called slut, whore. but i did NOT, let that get in my way! i was told i was ugly and all the guys i dated used me and well oh well thats their opinion but its not true?!

the truth is that you are all beautiful! including me no matter what anyone says! your all perfect and dont be afraid to express who you are!

thank you all for reading this it means a lot. but there is a favor i would like to ask. Please copy this and tell everyone my story. i want this to go viral and i want everyone to know that bullies arent worth your tears and your pain, they arent worth anything! listen to your parents, because thats one thing i didnt do and not listening to them has put me in a lot of pain. because i didnt listen to them i cut myself, i cried myself to bed, i tried killing myself. i ignored my parents when they said i was beautiful, i ignored them when they said that bullies arent worth your tears! when they told me that my thought was "pfft whatever, yeah right." but not listening to them caused me to go through so much blood and tears. i lost so many friends because i didnt listen to my mum and dad.

i have hurt my mum and ive watched her cry. and thats one thing you never want to see! my dad has done countless things that have hurt my mum, and i didnt know they were wrong so i copied and put her in as much pain as i went through watching dad walk out on us. but my mum forgave my dad because she loves him. sorry your probably thinking "what does this have to do with bullying?" it has a lot to do with bullying. if you ignore your friends and family you will be the one who goes through more pain then you should have.

thank yoiu once again for reading and once again tell the world my story!
love from
Victoria Croghan

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lydma says:
01 Feb, 2014 12:34 AM

I know what it feels like to be bullied ,it has been happening all my life.Dont give up. Ignore them

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02 Feb, 2014 07:04 AM

Be strong the reason she does that is because he has no respect for herself anddo make her feel better he does mean things be strong. Don't allow her to get to you.

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blah says:
26 Mar, 2014 04:22 PM

I've been bullied before. But, the last time was in 3rd grade. (By a fellow nerd. She is ruthless.) But, please, in a relationship? In 4th grade? Seriously,were you like, popular or something? I am in the 5th grade and like you have to be insane to have a girl/boyfriend.

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Maria says:
01 May, 2014 12:21 AM

I wish I could be there where you are so I could stand up for you. No one has the right to say or even THINK
for another person to die or kill themselves! Your life is precious! Once you take it away its not like you can get it back. Theyre just a bunch of immature and ignorant people who think too much of themselves to think of others. If I were in your spot, I would have just broken down by now. This Is definitely harder than it sounds but please keep on being strong and don't give in to selfharm or anything like that. Reading your story really just crushed my heart. I think you should tell somebody about being bullied, or nothing will ever change. :(

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Soma says:
27 Oct, 2014 12:10 AM

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