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19 Jan, 2013 12:41 AM

I have known my best friends since I can remember. They have always been there for me, good or bad, the so called friends forever. They don't really talk to my boyfriend though, lets call him angel. My best friends are Jenni and Kamli.

As I got ready to pack to leave for vacations my friends started blowing up my phone with little cute things: don't go I'm going to miss you, I'm going to go over to your house and kidnap you so you don't leave. I knew that my friends really loved me. The day before I left I hanged out with Angel. He was so sweet to me that day, it was just perfect. He kissed me softly so innocently and calm, no rush. As I got ready to go home, he grabbed me and hugged me really tight and didn't let go and as he did not show it he looked like he wanted to tear up. I said its okay babe I will come back I promise. He smiled and gave me the last hug and walked away. I saw his walk that said many things in my mind. I did not want to go, but I knew that it was getting late and the sun had gone down. As I drove home that silence got to me and I shed a tear.

One month away and I have talked to him. He sounds so far away, but I don't let it get to me. He is the perfect guy. Even though he is the most jealous guy in the world, but I still love him like that. He gets mad when I talk to guys, or if they try talk to me. He is really jealous. My best friends has broken up with her one year boyfriend because he has cheated on her with another girl. She is destroyed and has called all of her friends including me and we have not answered. Last option was she called Angel. Angel answers,"Hey what is wrong? Did something happened to her? No she said. My boyfriend broke up with me. He asked if she needed to talk in person. So he went over to her house. When she told me this I broke. My heart sank, my thought blow up, my blood cold as ice. I did not want to tell her off because I did trust her, but just the thought about it crushed me. All of the thought hit me; did they hug, connect more than friends, touch, found something in each other. I loved Angel and I was afraid she had fallen for him, because he was amazing and so was she. Now I'm home. Angel asked to see me first. We met at a park. As I get off that awkward moment when I don't know what to say, except fake smile. As we talk more and more he tells me something. My feeling have changed toward you, and I do not want to be with you if I am doubting them. "Sorry" he said and left. I am there in the beautiful park, with no one around. The world keeps going on, but only mine has stopped. I do not run to him and ask why, just go under a tree and look up at the sky. my mind is empty, my emotions are dead, my limbs are frozen, and my heart is broken.

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monika says:
22 Apr, 2013 03:00 PM

yrrrrrrrr really very hurting.....................................................

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Maheen says:
28 Apr, 2013 07:13 PM

ohhh my .... </3 .... no words ... </3 ... god bless u

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karina ramirez says:
08 May, 2013 04:57 PM

ohhhh this story is so so sad

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