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He broke me.... :'(


02 Oct, 2012 02:34 PM

So there was this new kid that moved here. He was kinda a bad kid. but once you got to know him. He was pretty cool. I thought I'd never have a chance with him.. then the summer after he moved here we were hanging out and he told me he liked me. We grew closer as time went by and he asked me out. of course I said yes, I had fallen in love with him the minute he moved here....

He has had a hard home life and one night we were laying there and he was telling me about his family and stuff that has happened and he started crying... It made me feel good that he could talk to me about these things. Because he couldn't talk to anyone else about them.. His dad was kind of abusive and his mom never really listened. I was the only one there for him... One night we were laying there talking and he was telling me that he was probably moving back to his home town.... It really hurt to know that he wasn't going to be around much longer.... We talked about it and he asked if I wanted to stay together or what, and I told him it was up to him.. He told me he wanted to stay together... I said okay because I really didn't want to lose him. He told me that no matter what happened between us he wanted me to know that I could always talk to him and I told him the same thing.... that night we had sex.. it was my first time and his 3rd... it really meant a lot to me.. and then a week after this I left for a week to go to church camp.

We weren't allowed our phones at all during church camp but I checked my phone the 2nd day of church camp on June 12th and he had texted me and said that he couldn't hurt me anymore and that he still wanted to be friends and that he still had feelings for me.. it broke me.. I just broke down and cried so much.. It really hurt.. I kinda went into depression for awhile and then once I got home from church camp I was texting him and he was being a total jerk and saying that I was gross thats why he dumped me and all this.. it really hurt, no one understands how bad it hurt me...

After that I started cutting again and till this day I still do... Its been almost 4 months since we have broke up and I haven't talked to him.. and he moved back to his home town and I'm still not over him... is it a bad thing I'm still not over him? I love him till this day even after everything he has done to me. I will truly always love him. He was my first everything and I cant help but to still care about him....

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Diana says:
02 Jan, 2013 08:57 PM

I cried :c
But don't cut , that's not Gonna fix it . You will Find somebody . I'm sure he's missing out on alot and I'm sure he regrets it . He just doesn't wanna show it . && one day he will notice how stupid he is ^_^ so don't beat yourself up cause you deserve better anyways (: stay strong <3

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Mia says:
04 Jan, 2013 12:27 AM

hey i am sorry foor what happened but please dont cut!! i cut a lot after my bf died but it didnt help it just made things worst and i almost died because of it so please talk to me i can help... my email is, please talk to i can help you through this :)

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Casey says:
04 Jan, 2013 06:14 AM

hey . I know it hurts w/ heartbreak and all that , but when u think long and hard bout it , sex isn't a huge deal . Move on , u deserve better & nobody has the right to make you upset , even u . at the time he's in the moment and hunks he cool , he'll come around girl <3

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Brandon says:
08 Jan, 2013 07:49 AM

Im so sorry what your going through. Your not alone though. Im going through that same pain your going through. Cutting wont help at all. Stay strong and try to hang out with friends when you get the chance. If you want to talk more Email me. keep your head up and keep pushing forward

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shane says:
14 Jan, 2013 12:34 PM

you know what don't think of getting hurt yourself its not the you think he'll going back to you if you did that kind of stupid y... i don't think so! so if i were you move on stay beautiful and for sure one day you'll gonna meet your true love.

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bolton says:
19 Jan, 2013 08:57 AM

ya its normal to feel like that, but he is enjoying his life. I think its time that you moved on...

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~Love~Girl~ says:
28 Jan, 2013 04:10 AM

Thanks Guys! Im trying to move on. I have found someone that makes me happy. Its taken me 7 months. But I think I have finally found someone. He treats me right and even when we do fight he says sorry and we work it out. Im glad im Happy now even tho sometimes I still think about him ^^ but I will most likely never see him again.. And @Brandon whats your email?

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mile's says:
01 Feb, 2013 12:37 PM

I knew someone who was and probably still is we're you are, and the best advice I could ever give to them was to stay strong and focus on all the good people in your life, so go do somthing fun and forget about the people who hurt you, cause the don't deserve you

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~Love~Girl~ says:
03 Feb, 2013 12:24 AM

Ik that they dont deserve me but its hard to forget them... Well not nessicarily them.. But all the memories.. Its hard to just forget about them and act like they never happened :/

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Morgan says:
05 Mar, 2013 03:02 PM

I know exactly how you feel the same thing happened to me...and I don't know what to do either if you have any advice please email me...

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samantha says:
16 Apr, 2014 09:43 PM

I don't get why every body is always like don't cut don't cut!!!!! but what they don't understand is that is all we can do to keep from going insane and sometimes that doesn't even work....but just to let you know I am with you and I support you all the way :P

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