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I get it bro, there are a lot of girls like that in my school and I hate them but when you first meet them there usually the innocent ones unfortunately, but there will be a girl out there waiting for you, don't give. @Kalee, if you need help kik me in Instagram JumpAround34
He doesn't deserve a kind hearted person like you. Life will get better I assure day you won't even remember this jerk.
You were a good friend, and that's all she could have asked for.
I knew someone who was and probably still is we're you are, and the best advice I could ever give to them was to stay strong and focus on all the good people in your life, so go do somthing fun and forget about the people who hurt you, cause the don't deserve you
I totally get we're your coming from. I was bullied by " the skaters" during my start in 8 th grade. Sort of turned me into a huge antisocial, specifically after getting beat up, I only talked to my band members and a few other people, but now I'm homeschooled. So I don't talk to anybody ;) but I hope things get better.


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