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it is too late


08 Aug, 2012 10:19 AM

Sarah: Kyle I wanted to tell you something
Kyle: what is it? aren't you sleeping?
Sarah: Kyle it is something that I wanted to tell but I couldn't and I can't keep this from you anymore...... Kyle I love you
Kyle: what? I m really shocked. I don't what to say I mean, how and when?
Sarah: I don't know either... but you have to believe me that I never had this planned and by confessing this thing I never mean to intrude into your happy relationship
Kyle: it is okay... don't worry we will try to fix this shit slowly aright
Sarah: I wish I had never met you:(
Kyle: please don't talk like that
Sarah: I have decided that I will stop keeping in contact with you because every time I am with you this feelings gets stronger. so I am moving away from your life
Kyle: please don't say like that can't we just be friends like you once used to wish for? leaving completely would be hard on me
Sarah: why is this happening when everything is over,both of us are in a relationship
Kyle: I don't know but it is late now I think you should rest now it is getting late
Sarah: no I want to find a solution tonight itself, I should have accepted your feelings when I had a chance... why didn't I feel it that time? and now it is so hard for me to move on
Sarah: I want to ask you one thing, Kyle do you still love me?
Kyle: it is of no use now, it is too late
Sarah: please I just need to know what you hold for me... please I promise I will go out of your life once I get the answer I promise
Kyle: I think you already know the answer but I know even knowing how I feel for you, we cant change anything. you cant come with me because you can't break his heart and you won't want me to leave her and be with you, so why?
Sarah: I just needed to know so that I can move on. I am really sorry for breaking your heart three years ago and I really am
Kyle : I am sorry for breaking yours
Sarah: well I don't know what to say now
Kyle: you should go to bed now it is getting late. you don't want to be late tomorrow
Sarah: oh yeah one thing, I am sorry I brought all this out but I had to because tomorrow it would have been wrong to tell this to a married man so I had to tell you when you are not
Kyle: and it would be wrong for a married woman to say to someones husband
Sarah: yeah I am sorry I cant be at your wedding because I got to attend mine
Kyle: me too
Sarah: I am glad that I met a friend like you. I wish we will always be friends.
Kyle: sure we will be
Kyle: I love you
Sarah:I love you too

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