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Jerry Zucker

Sam Wheat is bank executive, who has moved in with his girlfriend, Molly. One night while out on a date, a man comes out of nowhere and pulls out a gun and demands Sam's wallet, Sam was about to give it to him when a scuffle broke out and Sam was killed. But Sam's spirit remains on Earth and is walking around and encounters other spirits, who tell him about his transformation. Sam hangs around Molly and despite her not knowing it is watching over her. One day the man who killed him breaks into the apartment and Sam stop's him before he could do anything to Molly. Sam follows him and discovers where he lives but unfortunately can't tell anyone. Sam then meets a supposed spiritualist, Oda Mae Brown, who is so obviously a huckster but who doesn't know that she can hear the dead. so when Sam speaks he hears her. He convinces her to tell Molly about the guy who broke into the apartment. Molly then goes to the police and they in turn tell her that Oda Mae's a con woman. She then tells her friend, Carl about what Oda Mae told her. He goes to investigate and Sam goes with him and discovers something terrible.

Tags: Love, Lost, Death
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