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I never got to say it

Jake Correa

28 Sep, 2011 12:51 PM

This is my first time on this site and after reading some of the sad experiences, it felt right to share mine. I'm currently 22 years and the 10 years passed without a day that I didn't think about my grandfather, Lorenzo. he died on Sept.9, 2011. I live in my mother's house and since she works abroad, my grandparents are the ones who are taking care of me. But ever since I was in pre-school, it was my grandfather who always brought and fetched me from school. My grandfather was a man of a few words and he never showed his love for his children or their kids. "Cari?o Brutal" as we call it or tough love. But he was a caring man but he showed it in his own way. On March 21, 1999. We just moved in to our new house and everyone was excited but granddad... [Read More]

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