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24 Oct, 2011 07:08 PM

I panicked as the line of Teachers and Students advanced on me, pointing accusing fingers in my direction. As they tried to pry the sleeping baby out of my arms, I was suddenly overcome with the need to protect the precious object that I held in my frail hands. I was jarred awake by a knock at my door. Come in! I had called out. My Mother came in and lightly sat on my bed. Grabbing her pony tail, she said in a solemn tone I think it's time to tell your Father. Her face was drawn with worry. With that look on that face, the beauty, that her wrinkles usually gave her, was not to be found. I felt panicked at her words, my Father wouldn't understand like she did, so I pictured the worst. I went to argue, but she wouldn't allow it. Enough May. Your Father is... [Read More]

Tags: Outcast, Love, Unforgiving, Anger, Teenage Pregnancy, Pregnent, Death
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