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In loving memory of dad.


27 Jan, 2013 01:42 AM

When I was 14 weeks old, my mom left me. My dad took care of me and he's only one in my family that I've been so close to for so many years until I was 7 years old, he died in boat accident then my aunt decided to adopted me.. I was really depressed for 10 years. I was so heartbroken. I wanted to die so badly, I hurt/cut myself almost everyday. I was in big trouble everyday at school. I refuse to work too hard in school and I had bad grades. I wasn't myself at all because I was in deep depression. My family, friends, and staffs at school was very sick worried about me so they decided to sent me to mental hospital for few days. I wasn't happy at all, I don't like my life today. I wanted to go back to my old life.... [Read More]

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