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Walking through a thin lane...


07 Feb, 2013 11:46 AM

It's really very difficult to move forward when you are not sure which path to take...Life sometimes plays with us like that. My story starts with a fine and cold morning of winter. I was then 11 and he was probably 15. I used to go for a walk in early morning, and he used to go to his coaching classes at that time. Every day we saw each other, he was very sad for that he had to wake up in the early morning to join the boring classes, I was very happy as I could roam here and there, enjoy the beauty of nature. My school started from 10'o clock in the morning and his from the same time. Perhaps we were in the same school, he was in the boys' section and I was in girls'. We saw each other while going to school, in the school... [Read More]

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