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Euphoria Godsent

03 Jun, 2013 11:59 PM

There she sat, on the lid of the toilet bowl, with razor in hand. Her hair was tangled, undershirt torn, floral panties, and dirty socks on. She could see her reflection in the mirror. Her eyes were rosy, cheeks striped with tracks from her mascara, her lips soaked with her tears. She felt like garbage. She let out a loud howl, and broke the mirror with her fists. Warm blood ran down her wrist like a river bend. She took the razor and dug into the inside of her thigh. The feeling was almost orgasmic. She cut again, forming an X mark and then an O. Yes, XO, for love. Someone knocked on the bathroom door, causing her to shudder. The door knob turned, and she shot up, blocking the door with her body. "Get away," she growled. "What are you doing in there? I gotta take a dump!" the... [Read More]

Tags: Cutting, Pervert, Depression, Sadness, Family, Lost, Unloved
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