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Saint Andre

05 Dec, 2011 02:32 PM

This is the typical story of boy meets girl during WWII and it's pretty long but I suggest the read is worth it, please. Set in the World War II, the original pilot set to drop the atomic in Japan Graham Westwood is fired from his job after a crash course incident that involves him sending a fellow military officer to hospital. Now working as a novelty shop owner, he falls in love with Miya, a half-cast Japanese-English woman who is currently heading to her hometown of Urimi in Nagasaki, Japan to fulfill her dreams of dancing in front a vast crowd after practice and tutoring in Washington from her aunt. Frustrated at the fact that he is the only victim aware of the bombing, he seemingly accepts Miya's offer to join her through an act of love. He brings a radio to give an indication of the following consequences.... [Read More]

Tags: Nagasaki, Death, Love, World War 2, War
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